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Organising your event in Paris

Atawa helps you organise your event in Paris
Organising your event in Paris

There is no shortage of places and opportunities to organise events in Paris! From weddings at the Château de la Villette, to exhibition booths at the Palais des Congrès, to the video recording of a conference, to a garden party on a rooftop, to a music festival at Le Bourget, Paris is full of exceptional venues for private, corporate and public events.

With hundreds of events now organised in the capital, Atawa has a perfect knowledge of the city and its constraints: spaces that are sometimes limited and with original configurations, capricious weather, and strict constraints for events in public spaces.

Our teams will advise and assist you in the organisation of all your events, in the personalised and tailor-made fitting out of your space (furniture hire, tableware, sound system, lighting, etc.).


Why choose Atawa for your event in Paris?

Knowledge of the city

Knowledge of the city

Since 2016, Atawa has organised hundreds of private and corporate events as well as events for the general public. Our knowledge of the city allows us to advise you on the best structures for your event.
Optimisation of facilities

Optimisation of facilities

Our event engineers have unique expertise in optimising layouts even for small and atypical spaces (well known in the Paris region!).
Plurality of infrastructures and services

Plurality of infrastructures and services

From the rental of the tent, furniture, tableware, to the installation of lighting, technology, sound, and the decoration of all your spaces.
High adaptability

High adaptability

Our teams adapt to all types of events and requests, this great flexibility allows us to carry out a wide range of challenges and events.
Network of local partners

Network of local partners

Reception venues, florists or wedding planners... our network of partners is entirely located in the region: proximity and efficiency are always at hand!

A global turnkey offer

Events that suit you

Our advice for the organisation of your event in Paris

Adapting its structure in an urban environment

Do you have a beautiful venue but the available space is not large enough for your event project? We are used to extending small urban spaces by renting a tent. Depending on the constraints of the venue, we can offer you a decked structure, a Stretch tent or a Lycra canvas which are ideal for this type of need. The extension of your space is possible for a weekend or for a longer period.

Managing the weather for an outdoor event

If you are planning an outdoor event in Paris, we recommend that you opt for a structure that will protect your guests from the rain to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Even in the middle of July, you are not safe from surprises! It is possible to opt for a plan B that will be set up only in case of bad weather, depending on availability.

Provide heating for some facilities

We are never safe from a cold snap in the Paris region! Don't forget to have heating points to ensure a pleasant temperature throughout your event. It is important to provide heating even when the weather is fine, even if it means opening the tent to ventilate and cool the air if necessary.

Decorating and creating a world from scratch

For your fashion show or product launch to make a lasting impression, opt for an event decoration that reflects your image. For a high-end event, opt for a premium carpet in the colour of your choice, and completely transform the space into your brand's colours thanks to our team of decorators. Remember that (almost) anything is possible with decoration!

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