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Organising your event in the Centre-Val-de-Loire

Atawa helps you organise your event in the Centre region
Organising your event in the Centre-Val-de-Loire

Are you sensitive to the charm of old stones? The Centre-Val de Loire is the ideal region for organising your private reception (wedding, anniversary...) or your professional event in the outdoor spaces of a Renaissance residence, a medieval castle, or a beautiful family home with classical facades. The natural environment allows your thoughts to wander to country or bohemian themes in sumptuous estates, such as the castle of La Ferté Saint-Aubin with its French gardens or the castle of La Verrerie on the border between the Sologne and the Berry.

Crossed by the Loire River and the most majestic castles of France such as Chambord or Chenonceaux, the Centre-Val de Loire region also allows you to organise your wedding or a charming company cocktail party with a magical atmosphere by decorating a watering hole with magical light effects.

As for activities, you can entertain your guests by offering them a tasting of sauvignon blanc, the king of grapes in the region, which is spread over five departments: Loiret, Cher, Indre, Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire.

Why choose Atawa for your event in Centre-Val-de-Loire?

A global offer

A global offer

Atawa thinks of everything for you! Every detail counts to ensure that your guests have good memories of your reception.
A local team

A local team

Our contacts in the Centre Val-de-Loire have unparalleled knowledge of the region and an understanding of the issues involved (meteorology, open spaces, etc.)
Original and effective ideas

Original and effective ideas

As experts in our field, we offer you not only a service but also original advice to make your dream events come true!
A turnkey service

A turnkey service

It is not always easy to work with several service providers who are miles away from the reception venue. Atawa is a global contact in the Centre Val de Loire region who is dedicated to you!
Accompanying the health context

Accompanying the health context

During this period of health restrictions linked to COVID-19, our teams are at your disposal to provide you with information on the modalities of events
Un réseau de partenaires locaux

Un réseau de partenaires locaux

Reception venues, decorators, florists and wedding planners... our network of partners is entirely located in the region: proximity and efficiency are always the order of the day!

A global turnkey offer

Events that suit you

Our advice for the organisation of your event in Ile-de-France

Opt for an original structure

And why not opt for a top-of-the-range event structure? A beige, sand-coloured stretch tent for the cocktail area, which blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings of the Grand Meaulnes region. Or a silhouette tent, a bamboo marquee, and why not accommodation tipis so that your guests can spend a quiet night close to the event? Do not hesitate to consult our site and discover infrastructures that bring a unique and original dimension to your professional and private events.

Anticipating fickle weather

Take advantage of the Sologne and Berry areas in complete peace of mind by having a plan B in case of bad weather (even in July and August)! For example, think of installing pagoda or stretch tents to cover the cocktail areas or the path or access to the small corners!

Don't forget to surprise your guests!

In order for your guests to have the best memories of your event, don't hesitate to surprise them. In addition to receiving them in a modern and original reception tent, think of ideas for activities or organise a firework display with a service provider or yourself (quite simple to use). From our experience we have observed that there are few problems with neighbours in the Centre Val de Loire region, which is all the more reason to dance the night away, or even into the early hours!

Provide outdoor heating or braziers

Evenings can be cool in Sologne and Berry even in the middle of summer! Atawa offers clever arrangements for the installation of outdoor braziers or the rental of three forced-air heaters to keep the heat inside the facilities.

Highlighting the surrounding areas

How can you not light up the most beautiful castles in France? Illuminating the exterior environment such as the location and architecture of private properties offers a beautiful sight. Even if it is not always easy to provide electricity in large spaces, our teams always find an efficient solution to optimise the space when the properties are large in order to create a warm atmosphere.

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