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Energy equipment rental

All about energy for your event

Technical aspect not to be neglected for your event: energy is crucial for lighting, sound and other aspects requiring a source of energy such as catering kitchens or heaters. In organizing your event, it is essential to have a reliable energy source to power all the necessary equipment. We therefore recommend that you check with your different suppliers their energy needs and their distribution in the space. This way, you will know if your event location has the required power or not.
We offer you to rent generators by guiding and advising you on the appropriate power and their use. A generator is an autonomous energy source that can be used to power any type of electrical equipment. They are often used at outdoor events where there is no access to electricity.
It is also important to consider heating for your event if it is held in a cool season or evening. Forced air heaters are an effective solution for heating large spaces. You can also opt for a more discreet and aesthetic solution with the rental of heated umbrellas.
On the other hand, if you're holding your event during the summer months, you may need to consider an air conditioning system to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Portable air conditioners can be rented in a variety of sizes and can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the location of your event.

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Global offer

Global offer

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A global service for controlled and transparent prices.


Qualified local teams for the smooth running of operations in the field.