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Inauguration and foundation stone ceremony

Atawa supports you in the organisation of your opening and groundbreaking ceremony
Inauguration and foundation stone ceremony

Organisation of inaugurations and laying of the foundation stone

From the presentation of the new IKEA collection at the Cité de la Mode by creating an ephemeral terrace, to the installation of a crystal canopy for Yves Saint Laurent in front of the Gare Saint Lazare, or the laying of a foundation stone on a Franco-Swiss building site, from public works to street marketing, from industry to product launches, our service and support enables us to carry out numerous inaugurations.

Installation of infrastructure, signage, decoration, technology (image, sound, light), live video capture and transmission if necessary, video projection, heating and electricity, it is a global offer that we propose.  All you need to do is to take on a caterer and a security service!

We adapt to the regulatory constraints of each venue, whether it is a public space, a construction site or an indoor space. Furthermore, the assembly and dismantling of the event is done in complete safety, in compliance with regulations and PPE (personal protective equipment).

From the very conventional to the original, Atawa makes it possible to carry out beautiful and moving inaugurations or first stone laying ceremonies! 

Why choose Atawa for your opening and groundbreaking

An excellent knowledge of the territory

An excellent knowledge of the territory

Our teams are located throughout France and have an excellent knowledge of the territory.
Turnkey events

Turnkey events

A dedicated advisor to help you choose the right event solution for your needs, even at the last minute!
Teams at your service

Teams at your service

A dedicated advisor will accompany you from the design of your tailor-made project to its completion and an Atawa coordinator will be present on the day of assembly!
A network of local partners

A network of local partners

Our local teams will accompany you for your inauguration in all regions thanks to a network of partners.
New and regulatory infrastructures

New and regulatory infrastructures

Our wide range of infrastructures and the expertise of our advisors allow us to carry out top-of-the-range tailor-made openings.
A service that listens to the health context

A service that listens to the health context

In this period of health restrictions linked to COVID-19, we are here to help you by following the rules put in place by the government.

A global turnkey offer

A local presence throughout France (and beyond!)

Our advice for the organisation of your inauguration and foundation stone laying

Think about the signage at your event

For each event, it is important to adapt to the place but be careful to organise your space so that everyone present does not get lost. Think about the communication and set up a relevant signage, thanks to digital printing, we have helped many guests to find their way around! To go further, Atawa can also provide support on the regulatory and flow management aspects.

Anticipate access for assembly/disassembly

It is important during an event to pay attention to the logistics, for example the deliveries of the different service providers should be anticipated. We recommend timing the set-up schedule to avoid wasting time or having service providers arrive at the same time and blocking the way. The time and space constraints should be taken into account and adapted to the constraints on the ground. Remember to draw up a back-plan for deliveries and assembly!

Making applications for permits

Atawa is able to advise you on how to apply for authorisations. Indeed, during an inauguration or an event of this type, it is sometimes necessary to make declarations to a prefecture or a town hall (depending on the size of the event, of course). Moreover, during the setting up and/or dismantling, it is essential to reserve places in the street, in the jargon of events, we call that ventousage! ☺

Organising the space under your reception tent

It is very important to think about the organisation of the space under your reception tent by designing and dressing the area. This not only allows you to mark the identity of your event but also to respect the safety rules (emergency exits for example) or health rules (possible social distancing).

Key products for an inauguration and groundbreaking

Peace of mind for our customers


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