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Welcome to atawa

Discover here our team and our values at the service of our clients
Welcome to atawa

Since 2017, the start-up has come a long way. The former Tentingo, which became ATAWA (an acronym for AnyThing, AnyWhere, Anytime) has grown. Today, can we really talk about a start-up? We are simply a company.
A company that has truly become, as our new brand signature indicates: "Event-ready". Your event, your events.

It is often said that the best proof is the example.
So here are a few measures, to give you an idea of how far we've come.

But first of all, here is a short video to discover Atawa in pictures:

More than 412 customers

Already...! It is a great source of pride for us to have been able to accompany individuals, companies, local authorities and event organisers in each of their events. Because if we are where we are today, it is first and foremost thanks to them, our clients, prescribers and partners. 
Their support is precious to us, and we are delighted to be able to help them, day after day, in the design, assembly and creation of their most beautiful projects.
From Antoine and Eléonore's wedding, to the 50th anniversary of the Paris Dauphine Foundation, to the NextGen exhibition... Newlyweds or event managers in companies, they are project managers. And their project is ours.

©David Wickham, ©Modern Vintage Weddings

9 areas of activity, an infinite number of possibilities


To ensure that each event meets your requirements, we now have 9 areas of activity, which can be adapted to your needs: tents, stands, decorations, flooring, furniture, lighting, sound and video, energy, and sanitary facilities. We make it a point of honour to offer you only quality materials that are responsible and installed by specialised teams. 
We also know that you increasingly need to personalise your event. This is why we have done everything possible to ensure that you can really build your event to measure. 
Thanks to our digital tools, we make sure that you are in line with the proposal. From start to finish. And as you may have seen, the result is in harmony. 

200 tailor-made partners


When it comes to assembly, we only work with the most reliable local partners. They are hand-picked. And we select them especially for their expertise. Thanks to them, we can meet your needs anywhere in France or abroad. 
Our partners take the measure of your event. They are there, from early morning to nightfall, to set up the floor, to set up the decor, behind the stage or beside the generator. They make sure that everything goes smoothly and serenely. You don't always see them, but you see their achievements. For that, we thank them.


A team of 20, committed


From 4 to 12, the team has grown. And so have we. We have developed our own methods, a way of working that is unique to us and of which we are proud. Every day we work together to develop innovative, local and environmentally friendly solutions. 
Each member of this team has qualities that we admire. Working alongside them is a daily pleasure. We are 13 team members, and tomorrow, maybe you will be the 14th?


And more than 100 coordinators on your events,


Whatever the size of your event, an Atawa coordinator is on hand to guarantee quality and peace of mind.


We have come a long way, and we know how far we still have to go.
What we are sure of is that we will always commit ourselves with the same high standards and the same energy to serve you.

Because our greatest success is also yours. Smiles, exchanges, memories.

Welcome to ATAWA.

Welcome to atawa

Our guarantees

Developed by experts

Developed by experts

Tailor-made events designed by our expert advisors and orchestrated by our logistics department.


A dedicated advisor to help you choose the right event solution for your needs.
Global offer

Global offer

A single provider for the entire infrastructure of your event.
Fair price

Fair price

A global service for controlled and transparent prices.


Qualified local teams for the smooth running of operations on the ground.


Throughout the construction of your project, your advisor is available to meet your expectations.

Do we talk about your project?

Global offer

Global offer

We propose a complete management of the material part of your project, through a wide and innovative offer adapted to your needs.


Our expertise combines advice and technical mastery: a consultant and a logistician are dedicated to organising your project down to the last detail.


Attention to detail is at the heart of our DNA: through a meticulous approach, we ensure the quality of the material and the finish of your project, so that nothing is left to chance