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Tableware rental

Tableware hire with Atawa: everything you need to know

Whether you're hosting a fancy cocktail party or a sit-down dinner, Atawa is here to help you rent tableware for your event. Here's a complete guide to help you make the best choices.

Equipment selection and quotation

First and foremost, determine the theme of your ceremony. Whether formal or casual, our range of tableware will suit every style. Take a look at our options and ask for a quote to find out our different prices.

Selection according to theme and budget

Match tableware, colors and accessories to the theme of your occasion and your budget. Make sure everything matches perfectly. The size of the event is also crucial - make sure you have enough tableware for all your guests.

Tableware ranges for every style

For a formal evening, opt for high-end, refined and detailed tableware. The romantic and golden ranges are ideal for prestigious events. For a country-style wedding, opt for family-friendly tableware. Explore our country and vintage ranges for a natural, relaxed style.


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Creative Mix and Match

Give free rein to your creativity by consulting our various themes. For example, mix baroque glasses from the Bohemian range with vintage floral plates and gold Marquis champagne flutes from the Chateau range.

Accessories for a touch of elegance

Don't overlook accessories such as tablecloths, candleholders, table runners, napkins, name tags and knife holders. These elements add a touch of elegance to your table. Choose them according to the theme and colors of your ceremony.

Tips to avoid the unexpected

Prepare accordingly by consulting a professional event planner, such as your caterer. Allow an extra margin for champagne glasses in case any are lost or broken during the cocktail party. Consult our comprehensive checklist for further advice.

Catering equipment

Atawa also accompanies you behind the scenes of your dinner, providing all the catering equipment you need, from ovens to refrigerators.

At Atawa, we offer a wide range of tableware and equipment to make your event an unforgettable success. Contact us today for a personalized quotation to make your occasion a truly special one.


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FAQ about tableware rental with Atawa

Tableware rental:

What types of tableware can I rent?
Atawa offers a wide range of plates, cutlery, glasses and other accessories to meet all event needs.

Quotations and prices:

How do I get a tableware rental quote?
You can request a personalized quote by contacting us via our website or by telephone. We offer competitive rates tailored to your ceremony.

Choice and range:

How do I choose the right tableware for my event?
First define the theme of your ceremony and consult our ranges to choose the tableware that matches your style, whether formal, casual, romantic, or country.

Quantity of tableware:

How do you determine the quantity of tableware required?
The size of your ceremony and the number of guests are key factors. Consult our team for personalized advice on the recommended quantity of tableware.

Accessories and themes :

Do you offer accessories to go with your tableware?
Yes, discover our tablecloths, candleholders, table runners, napkins, name tags and knife holders to add a touch of elegance. Explore our themes for creative mix-and-match ideas.

Tips to avoid the unexpected:

How to avoid the unexpected when renting tableware?
Consult your caterer for expert advice. Allow an extra margin for fragile items such as champagne glasses.

Delivery and returns:

Do you offer delivery and return services?
Yes, Atawa provides delivery and collection of rented equipment to ensure a hassle-free experience. Atawa also takes care of cleaning the tableware. The latter need only be put away by you in the bins for this purpose.

Catering equipment:

In addition to tableware, do you supply catering equipment?
Absolutely, Atawa offers all the equipment needed for caterers, from ovens to refrigerators.

Customization of quotations :

Can quotes be customized to my specific needs?
Yes, we customize our quotes based on the size of your event, your style preferences, and your budget.

Receptions and events:

Is your tableware rental service available for all types of events?
Yes, whether it's for a wedding, cocktail party, reception or any other ceremony, our tableware rental service is suitable for all occasions.

Quality and Expertise

Quality and Expertise

Benefit from equipment meticulously selected and installed by our team of qualified experts.
Personalized support

Personalized support

A dedicated professional will be with you every step of the way, from the customized design of your reception to its completion.
Creativity and originality in tableware

Creativity and originality in tableware

From plates and cutlery to glasses, each range of tableware is unique, to make your tables as special as possible.
Installation throughout France

Installation throughout France

With our network of partners all over France, we are present with local teams to guarantee the success of your wedding, cocktail party or any other occasion.
Wide selection of products

Wide selection of products

Explore our wide range of coffee mugs, glassware, plates, cutlery and more, to create an atmosphere that reflects your image.
Customized quotation

Customized quotation

Contact our teams or fill in the brief so that we can respond to your requests as precisely as possible, according to your budget.