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Sheltering the terrace of a Parisian restaurant

Sheltering the terrace of a Parisian restaurant

Renting a nomadic stretch to cover a Parisian terrace

The assembling is back on track :) Atawa has installed a nomadic tent in the pretty little courtyard of the restaurant Laïa. Quentin, one of the two founders of the restaurant had already called upon Atawa for his wedding 2 years ago. He did not hesitate to call on the team again for his business.


Long-term rental of a nomadic tent for a restaurant's terrace

Finally! The terraces of restaurants and bars are once again full of people who have come to sip a spritz or enjoy a meal in the open air. However, the weather is sometimes capricious, preventing restaurant owners from opening their outdoor spaces. That's why Quentin, co-creator of Restaurant Laïa, called on Atawa to cover his terrace so that his customers could enjoy his Mediterranean cuisine in all weather conditions. 
Atawa proposed to Quentin to install a nomadic tent, both flexible and aesthetic. It was the perfect structure to efficiently house the tables without wasting space and to give the place a summery, guinguette atmosphere.
The 7.5m x 5m stretch tent was set up for a minimum of one month until a permanent veranda could be erected. Atawa also hung a garland around the edges of the white canvas to create a warm atmosphere during the evening. 

atawa location tente stretch couverture terrasse restaurant paris


A reactive response for a worry-free summer

Following the lockdown period, it is essential for restaurant owners to be able to use their outdoor spaces throughout the summer. 
Quentin, who had already organised his wedding with Atawa in 2018, therefore contacted his advisor directly by text message and a week later, the structure was set up on his terrace. 

"What I liked about Atawa was the simplicity of getting in touch as well as the responsiveness. I sent a message to my contact, the team came to our restaurant very quickly to assess our needs, and the tent was set up a few days later!"

The on-site visit allowed the team to anticipate the installation of the structure. For example, Atawa had warned the manager of the need to fix part of the tent directly into the wall using a very discreet anchor with the possibility of plugging it back in after the operation. 

"It's great to have a coordinator on site during the installation of the structure. It's reassuring and frees up time to focus on other matters related to our restaurant." 

atawa location tente stretch couverture terrasse restaurant paris
Write by Perrine - 29 June 2020

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