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Tent & Equipment Rental for your Wedding

Atawa helps you craft the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

We provide our customers with a turnkey offer covering 9 trades, helping them to build their event with complete peace of mind anywhere in France.

🚀Creating ephemeral ambiences: Tent and marquee rentals tailored to create unique spaces.

🚀Customized layout: Exclusive decor design, furniture rental, elegant tableware, and sanitary installations.

🚀Technical solutions: Rental of sound, lighting and power systems.

Tent & Equipment Rental for your Wedding

Why choose Atawa for your wedding?



A dedicated advisor is on hand to help you choose the event solution best suited to your needs and the specifics of your venue.


Yurt, Silhouette tent, Cristal tent, Tipi... Atawa offers a wide range of structures to suit your needs and budget.


A single point of contact for all your event's infrastructure, from preparation to dismantling.


Atawa stands out for its commitment to the quality of the equipment selected by our experts.


Our tents are installed by certified professionals according to precise technical rules to ensure the safety of your guests.


Get easy access to all the essentials - quotations, reservations, planning and product catalogs - thanks to your personalized online space.

A turnkey package

More than 2,000 customers supported


Our tips for organizing your private receptions

Pay attention to the accessibility of the site for assembly/disassembly.

Paying attention to all access points for truck entry and exit during set-up and dismantling is very important. This can have a major impact on the timing of set-up, and therefore on the peace of mind during the installation of your tents and marquees. We study each project on a case-by-case basis, adapting to any constraints (access, terrain or scheduling). Everything is possible, from handling to levelling out a site with uneven ground, we are able to adapt to any terrain.

Choosing the right tent for your region and terrain

We recommend that you choose your tent according to the region in which your wedding or private reception is held. You can consult our regional pages, which will guide you in your choice of tent for your event, according to its usefulness and the climate of the region. For a dinner party, we recommend a structure that can be closed depending on the region or time of year, such as a silhouette or crystal tent, or a bamboo marquee.

Anticipate the location of your various service providers

Don't hesitate to list all the service providers who will be present before and during your event. It's important to draw up a plan to ensure that the different areas aren't too far apart. For example, while your catering area needs to be out of sight of your guests, it would be a shame for it to be too far away from them, and for the food to arrive cold! Similarly, don't neglect access to the washrooms, which can sometimes get in the way of the general flow of your reception. Atawa's comprehensive offer enables you to anticipate these kinds of issues during a wedding.

Choose an original tent or transform a classic one with a new decoration

The tent can be completely dressed up or decorated to suit the desired ambience. You can really transform a classic tent with floral arrangements and event decor. Alternatively, you can go all out with an already original tent. You can play around with the furniture and tableware to set the mood for your event. Atawa has a catalog of furniture and tableware collections by theme, so don't hesitate to ask your consultant. Not all our products are available on our website!

Draw up a budget and plan for the unexpected

When planning a wedding or private reception, it's essential to define a precise budget so as to know what's possible. As you can see, Atawa has a very complete and comprehensive offer, but we adapt it above all to your desires and your budget. We also listen to the priorities of each and every one of our customers.

Keep the assembly schedule in mind

When organizing your private event, it's essential to keep the schedule in mind. Set-up generally takes between one and two days, but can take up to a week for large-scale projects (complex access, necessary upgrades, event decorations, etc.). A schedule also enables you to coordinate the work of your various service providers, especially when they are interdependent!

Reserve your venue and equipment in advance

Venues can usually be booked a year or even two years in advance (especially after the health crisis and postponements of events). If you want to get married at home, six to twelve months are enough to prepare the organization of your wedding. Of course, we recommend that you start as early as possible, so as to have a wider choice of structures and original equipment. What's more, it's important to bear in mind that the high season starts in mid-May and lasts until around September 15, when equipment is in high demand.

Top products for weddings and private receptions

Wedding tent and equipment rental FAQ

What tent options are available for Weddings?

Atawa offers a variety of tents to suit any type of . Our range includes elegant, modular structures, perfect for creating the desired ambience, whether traditional, modern or entirely customized to the theme chosen by the young celebrant.

How do I book my tent and equipment rental for a Wedding with Atawa?

To book your tent and equipment for a Wedding with Atawa, contact us via our website (via the brief) or telephone. A dedicated consultant will discuss your specific requirements and guide you through the selection and booking process, ensuring that everything is perfect for the big day.

What are the rental prices for your tents and marquees?

Rental rates vary according to the type of tent, the size of the structure and the additional equipment required. For exact prices, we encourage you to request a personalized quote.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we deliver and install all rented tents and structures. Our experienced team will ensure that everything is set up professionally and securely to guarantee the success of your event.

Do you operate throughout France?

Yes, we offer our tent and equipment rental services throughout France and across Europe.

What is the difference between a Sailcloth tent and the Bamboo tent for a wedding?

The Sailcloth Tent is equipped with slender poles made of pine, spruce or eucalyptus wood, depending on the model chosen. Its oval shape distinguishes it from the Bamboo tent, which is rectangular or square. The Sailcloth tent boasts superior outward visibility, thanks to curtains that fold down and fasten at the top. It is even possible to add a flag to the top of the structure, subject to availability. It can also be fitted with a crystal canopy, so that when night falls, the lighting for your event is diffused through the canopy, creating a unique show. As for the Bamboo tent, it features wider, sturdier poles made from bamboo. Its rectangular or square configuration and sliding curtains on the sides restrict the view to the outside. This handcrafted structure is made in France.

Are there additional charges for delivery and collection?

Atawa charges a fee for transport, but our quotes are detailed and transparent. This is to provide a clear picture of the budget associated with each item of expenditure. When it comes to furniture and tableware, we ask that it be packaged in the same way as it was delivered to you.

Do you offer personalized advice on choosing the right structure for my event?

Yes, our team of experts is here to advise you on the best structure for your venue, number of guests and preferences. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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