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Furniture hire for your event

All about furniture rental

Atawa can help you rent furniture for your events anywhere in France.

Chairs, tables, stools, sofas, armchairs, ottomans, cushions, bars, buffets... You can choose from a wide range of styles, colors and materials to meet your needs.

We have gathered in our catalog a sample of the furniture available for rent. You can orient your search by type of furniture or by theme. Exceptional furniture, country style, velvet and gold, bohemian, corporate... the range is vast to meet all your events.

Here are some suggestions of furniture styles for different types of events:

Chic cocktail party: for an elegant corporate event, our gold and velvet range is a wise choice. Choose Juliette stools matched with gold Carrara barstools and place your appetizers on a refined buffet such as the Sakiro model.

Country wedding: you can opt for crossback wood chairs, natural chain tables and a lounge area made of rattan furniture. The chairs and tables in raw wood will give a natural touch to your event and the rattan will bring more refinement and elegance.

Gala Evenings: For a gala evening, you can opt for round tables with beautiful tablecloths, and elegant chairs such as transparent napoleon chairs or golden medallion chairs.  

Can't find the furniture of your dreams? Contact our consultants! This is an inspiration catalog in which we present our customers' favorite products. So, if you have in mind a reference that you do not find in our products, let us know and we will do our best to find the product of your choice through our network of partners located throughout France and abroad.

Atawa recommends you to anticipate the volume of furniture you will need according to the type of your event, but also the number of people expected and the layout of the place. This will help you determine how many tables, chairs and other furniture you will need. 
For example, for a seated dinner, Atawa recommends that you create a seating plan. Allow a minimum of one meter of space between two tables for the caterer's circulation and a space of 50cm per person at the table.
For a cocktail party, define the necessary size of the buffets. You should know that you need two meters of buffet for 100 people. The same goes for the sideboards, count fifteen units for 100 people and two to four stools per unit.

To access all the concrete tips and tricks, you can download the Atawa Guide from our website.

Events that suit you

atawa organisation de mariage
Wedding and reception planning
Corporate event
General public event
Inauguration and foundation stone ceremony
atawa organisation de mariage
Wedding and reception planning
Corporate event
General public event
Inauguration and foundation stone ceremony
Atawa création de décor défilé de mode showroom
Fashion show, shooting and filming

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Global offer

A single provider for the entire infrastructure of your event.
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Fair price

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