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The organisation of your event in Occitanie

Atawa accompanies you in the organisation of your event in the Occitanie region
The organisation of your event in Occitanie

By Occitan culture, the reference to the troubadours in the Middle Ages is strong, here we like to dance, sing and why not write a few lines of poetry, welcome to the region where it is good to live and party! From the Massif Central to the Pyrenees or the Mediterranean Sea, via the Haute-Garonne, Occitanie offers a multitude of landscapes and environments conducive to the organisation of beautiful private events such as weddings or birthdays.

From the arenas of Nîmes to those of Béziers, sport is omnipresent in this region, and Atawa also offers infrastructures to accompany sporting events (rugby for example). In this hilly region, the installation of a reception tent makes it possible to make the festivities last a little longer, and to enjoy the Occitanian climate until the early hours of the morning!

It is also worth mentioning that this is a region where you can enjoy a delicious meal, from Toulouse sausage to the capitol brick, you often have a full stomach and a smile on your face! 

Why choose Atawa for your event in Occitanie ?

Excellent knowledge of the region

Excellent knowledge of the region

Our local teams are very familiar with the hilly regions of the Occitanie region and its particularities when it comes to renting event facilities.
Teams at your service

Teams at your service

A dedicated advisor will accompany you from the design of your tailor-made project to its completion and an Atawa coordinator will be present on the day of assembly!
A network of local partners

A network of local partners

Our teams will accompany you for your wedding, private and professional reception throughout the region thanks to a network of local partners.
New and original infrastructures

New and original infrastructures

Accommodation tepees, reception yurts, crystal silhouette tents or classic tents, discover the diversity of our offers and organise the event of your dreams!
A service that listens to the health context

A service that listens to the health context

In this period of health restrictions, we are here to help you by following the rules put in place by the government for private events such as distancing your guests.

A global turnkey offer

Events that suit you

Our advice for the organisation of your event in Ile-de-France

Opting for an open-air infrastructure

Elegant and original at the same time, the open-air tent keeps only the essentials. It consists only of the structure of a reception tent without the roofs or curtains. The open-air tent allows you to structure the reception space and to be in communion with the environment around you. A great asset to fully enjoy the starry skies of the Massif Central or the Pyrenees.

Managing your event budget

The equation between desires, needs and budget is not always easy to solve. The first task is to define the scope of your event and to establish a budget for the various expenditure items. In broad terms, we have listed the priority expenses: venue, decor, furniture, entertainment, food and drink, reception and security, and communication (signage for example)!

Think about access for assembly and disassembly

Where there are hilly or mountainous areas it is important to pay attention to transport and access during the event and also for the assembly and disassembly. For example, we recommend that you plan for a larger schedule and higher costs

Choosing an original event decoration

Bucolic, classic, vintage, winter, romantic, country, DIY, retro, tropical, bohemian chic, traditional... There are a multitude of different themes that come back into fashion in a cyclical way, depending on the fashions and the years. Note that at the moment, the trend is towards "natural", opt for a mixture of wood and plants with the motto "green power"!

Highlighting the surrounding areas

How can you not light up the most beautiful castles in France? Illuminating the exterior environment such as the location and architecture of private properties offers a beautiful sight. Even if it is not always easy to provide electricity in large spaces, our teams always find an efficient solution to optimise the space when the properties are large in order to create a warm atmosphere.

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