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Atawa supports you in the organisation of conferences and symposiums

The life of a company is punctuated by corporate events. While galas, seminars and evenings with colleagues are the most festive events, the conference represents an important issue for many companies.

In general, a conference brings together several dozen or even several hundred people. This large meeting can take place over one or more days, just like conventions, symposiums or congresses.

There are various reasons for organising a conference. This is why it is essential to clearly define the objective of such an event, in order to organise it in a coherent manner and obtain positive feedback from the participants.

For example, the Les Mousquetaires group called on Atawa to organise the presentation and promotion of its sustainable development projects. Atawa was able to create several spaces in the Tréville park, with the help of a floor and tents, to host conferences and places for exchange between participants. 

Tailor-made organisation of your company conferences

A conference can also be used to present a new product, or to convey a message to an audience other than employees, such as potential partners and journalists. It can also be used as a giant brainstorming session or a debate, with a lot of interactivity between speakers and participants.

In every situation, Atawa is at your side from the very beginning of your project so that you can achieve your goal!

Why choose Atawa for your conference

Tailor-made AND turnkey event

Tailor-made AND turnkey event

A dedicated consultant is there to help you choose the event solution that best suits your needs (even at the last minute). In addition, thanks to a network of top-of-the-range partners, you will only have one contact with whom you can talk in complete peace of mind!
Teams at your service

Teams at your service

A dedicated advisor will accompany you from the design of your tailor-made project to its completion and an Atawa coordinator will be present on the day of assembly!


Our expertise in our 12 trades allows us to accompany you for your wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or the simple desire to get together to celebrate!
Plurality of supply

Plurality of supply

From the classic party tent to the bamboo tent, from the pergola to the teepee for your guests, from the beige stretch tent to the geodesic dome, the choice is yours!
A digital event offer

A digital event offer

Animate your company by opting for a digital event. From duplex and multiplex video capture to live broadcasting, Atawa can deploy and enhance your digital event.

A global turnkey offer

A local presence throughout France (and beyond!)

Our advice for the organisation of your conference or symposium

Don't skimp on staging

A conference or symposium is an opportunity to promote your company's image. It can even become a real source of inspiration for those who attend! This is why nothing should be neglected and every detail should be taken care of. From the setting where your event will take place to the lighting used, not forgetting the furniture, whether corporate or original, everything is important! It is from this set of elements that the atmosphere of your conference will emanate. Whether you choose a serious, even solemn, atmosphere or a more convivial and colourful one, Atawa will help you make the right choices thanks to the sound advice of its experts.

Taking care of the lighting

At a conference, speakers should be highlighted. Sitting or standing, they are strategically placed so that everyone can see them. Generally, a stage is set up and lit to give them a better view. Hence the importance of specific lighting, which helps to capture and hold the audience's attention by adding a dynamic effect during the speeches. Depending on the location of your conference, you may be able to use daylight. However, be sure to anticipate the change in light levels as the hours pass. Also, be sure to wrap light around each important moment of your conference, whether it is a speech or an animation.

Carefully assess the area required

Your space requirements will differ if you want your guests to sit or stand during the conference. Would you prefer to have a line of chairs or armchairs instead of a line of tables and tables throughout the room? Or will you create a separate, warm and welcoming space with a few round tables? Depending on what you decide, and by correctly estimating the number of participants, you will know how much space is needed to accommodate everyone. For example, if the guests are standing, you should allow 0.5 m2 per person, and 0.8 m2 if you are adding side tables. In a reception hall with round tables, you should allow 1.2 m2 per person.

Scripting key moments

In a gala, the speeches and surprises are essential and expected by the audience. This is why it is essential to prepare these key moments of the evening in advance. Whether it is a speech, the launch of a new product or the appearance of a personality, nothing should be left to chance. By using the services of a single contact person, you can be sure that all the elements required to make this moment perfect will be perfectly coordinated. Recognised for its experience and versatility, Atawa knows how to harmonise the play of light and new technologies to make these moments the highlights of the gala evening. Screen, microphone, video mapping... Atawa will organise a turnkey gala for you!

Provide adequate technical facilities

By definition, a conference must be perfect in both visual and audio terms. By hiring a single contact person for your conference, you can be sure that nothing will be left to chance in these essential areas. As a specialist in this type of event, Atawa knows how important the installation of microphones, speakers and the entire sound system is. In the age of video conferencing, it is common for some guests to enjoy the content of the conference from a distance. A live broadcast, or a complete recording of the event, requires the appropriate technological equipment. Whether it's a live broadcast or a video recording, Atawa can meet your needs.

The key products for organising your conference

Peace of mind for our customers


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