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Organising your event in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire

Atawa accompanies you in the organisation of your event in Pays-de-la-Loire and Bretagne
Organising your event in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire

Brittany and the Pays de la Loire have a strong identity, a rich history, a desire for independence, an iodized gastronomy and always a touch of salty butter! So many elements that you can play with to reinforce your original ideas for the events (wedding, birthday party, company reception...) that you organise in this region.

The four departments that make up the region: Côtes-d'Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan are full of grandiose landscapes, from the archipelagos of islands that look like the Bahamas (Île de Bréat, Île de Houat or Hoedic...) to the fortified towns and flamboyant ports such as that of Saint-Malo, built under the reign of Louis XIV, the cultural differences between the north and the south of Brittany are both beautiful and sparkling, and should be emphasised at all costs!

And not to contradict the urban legends, yes in Bretagne you have to adapt your event to the changing climate because the weather is fine several times a day!  

Why choose Atawa for your event in Bretagne / Pays de la Loire?

Turnkey service

Turnkey service

Atawa is a turnkey solution with a complete service of advice, coordination, installation and logistics for an event with complete peace of mind.
Network of local partners

Network of local partners

Our teams have an excellent knowledge of the region and are at your disposal thanks to a network of partners established in Bretagne.
Atawa an excellent ally of Bretagne

Atawa an excellent ally of Bretagne

We know Bretagne well! We are used to organising private receptions or corporate events in this magnificent region.
Requirement in products and services

Requirement in products and services

Accommodation tepees, reception yurts, crystal silhouette tents or even classic tents, discover the diversity of our offers and organise the event of your dreams with a team that listens to your needs and with complete peace of mind!
High adaptability

High adaptability

Our teams adapt to all types of events and requests, this great flexibility allows us to carry out a wide range of challenges and events.
Service in tune with the health context

Service in tune with the health context

In these times of health restrictions, we are here to help you by following the rules put in place by the government for private events such as distancing your guests.

A global turnkey offer

Events that suit you

Our advice for the organisation of your event in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire

Opting for a differentiating infrastructure

Let yourself be tempted by an atypical structure that will make the difference by its quality and uniqueness. The reception yurt, for example, is a nomadic structure specially designed to host your most beautiful corporate or private events. The heightened roof of the largest yurt gives it space and is a real well of light.

Provide transport and access for assembly/disassembly

In Bretagne, Atawa regularly works on islands (Île aux Moines, Houat, Belle-Île-en-Mer, Île de Bréhat or even further south, Île d'Yeu). It is important to pay attention to transport and access during the event, but also for the assembly and dismantling. For example, we recommend that you plan for a larger schedule and higher costs when the event is off the mainland. On some islands, transport also operates according to the tides, so the time needed to load the boat should not be forgotten. Even if access is difficult, everything is surmountable and Atawa has proven this with some very nice and successful events.

Highlighting the environment of your event

The sumptuous landscapes, the exceptional architecture and the greenery or the majestic Breton hydrangeas are to be highlighted at all costs! Light is the key during a night event, it can be played with in all directions and thinking of lighting the vegetation is an excellent idea to sublimate your decoration!

Installing an ephemeral terrace protected from bad weather

Don't have a terrace? Why not install one especially for your event! Atawa is able to offer you ephemeral installations such as a terrace or a smoking room sheltered from the Breton wind during a summer evening. Inventing a new room, turnkey, is possible and with high quality of course.

The flagship products of the Bretagne / Pays de la Loire region

Peace of mind for our customers


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