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Your event in Switzerland

Atawa supports you in the organisation of your event in Switzerland
Your event in Switzerland

Succumb to the beauty of the Swiss landscape.  Atawa offers to organise your wedding or your private reception in the French speaking part of Switzerland. An authentic destination, this region benefits from an exceptional setting that makes all your desires for events both chic and natural possible.

Whether you are planning a wedding in Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg or Neuchâtel, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to themes!

The French-speaking part of Switzerland gives you the opportunity to organise your wedding, your anniversary, your professional event or any other private reception in sumptuous and unusual places, in the city, in the mountains or near a lake, for unforgettable moments.

Wine lovers will enjoy contemplating the Swiss vineyards such as the Lavaux terraces in the wine region of the canton of Vaud. These sublime terraced vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva offer an enchanting setting for your private event.

Switzerland is known for its many lakes, including one of the largest in Western Europe: Lake Geneva. Because organizing a wedding in Switzerland is nothing without an exceptional location, organize the ceremony in a private garden near the lake with a view on the Alps. Your guests will not forget this moment, comfortably installed under a wooded crystal tent which gives a natural and warm atmosphere to the place. If you are organising your wedding in Vaud, you can also choose Lake Neuchâtel, not far from the capital.

If you're an architecture lover, you might like the cities of Lausanne or Geneva. Succumb to the Gothic beauty of their cathedrals. Many chic hotels will allow you to fully enjoy your wedding in Geneva or Lausanne.

When it comes to gastronomy, you will have plenty to delight your wedding guests in Switzerland! There is no shortage of specialities: Valaisan schnitzel, lamb with pears, tomme and Gruyère cheese tasting or chocolate fondue. Delicacies to be enjoyed comfortably under a flowered and illuminated pergola in summer or in a closed silhouette tent in winter. 

Why choose Atawa for your event in Switzerland?

High adaptability

High adaptability

Atawa adapts to the different constraints in order to guarantee the smooth running of a wedding in Switzerland. Events in Switzerland often take place on beautiful private properties with limited or atypical space: we always find the solution!
Wide range of facilities

Wide range of facilities

At Atawa, we offer many high quality products. Our catalogue offers a wide range of infrastructure, from tent and marquee hire in Vaud and Geneva to original lighting and decorations.
Network of local partners

Network of local partners

Local intervention for cost optimisation and local knowledge of Switzerland.
Turnkey events

Turnkey events

Atawa takes care of everything! The organisation of your wedding in Vaud or Geneva is our business. All you have to do is enjoy! Advice, orders, coordination, installations, logistics, services... we make your dream wedding come true between lakes and mountains.
Available and responsive team

Available and responsive team

A consultant will help you choose the solution that best suits your needs, budget and wishes. Because it is not always easy to organise a wedding in Switzerland, Atawa will accompany you from the conception of your project to the big day.
Service excellence

Service excellence

We anticipate the unexpected and offer our clients the best possible products and services. Quality products and services, relevant advice adapted to your needs and a listening ear throughout your project.

A global turnkey offer

Events that suit you

Our advice for the organisation of your event in Switzerland

Opt for a structure adapted to the season

The winters in Switzerland are known to be harsh while the summers are warm. Your wedding in Vaud or Geneva will take place according to the atmosphere you wish to give to your event. In winter, offer your guests a view of snow-covered mountains or frozen lakes, accompanied by gourmet cheese treats in a heated crystal tent. The tent has a transparent canvas stretched over an aluminium frame allowing your guests to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while staying warm. In summer, Switzerland offers sparkling reflections on the lakes and mountain peaks. This is a good time for a tent rental in Geneva or Vaud under the open sky. Your wedding in Geneva will make a lasting impression if your guests can admire Lake Geneva from a wooden pergola with light curtains for a natural and romantic feel. For a warm and original setting, hiring a Naked Tipi can be a good option. Composed only of wooden frames, the Naked Tipi offers your guests the opportunity to observe the magnificent landscapes during the day and the stars at night.

Making steep places accessible

In Switzerland, there are many beautiful and unusual places. Some properties can be difficult to access to set up the infrastructure: small steep gardens, hillside sites, etc. If you choose to hire a marquee in Vaud or a tent in Geneva, it is essential to call on a professional to set up and dismantle your installations.

Taking account of uneven ground

Switzerland is known for its breathtaking lake and mountain landscapes. Depending on the location, the ground can often be uneven. It is therefore important to bear in mind that additional padding may be required to ensure that your tent structure is placed on a level surface. If you choose to rent a tent in Vaud or in a mountainous region with a strong wind, we also advise you to pay attention to the staking or ballasting of your structure.

Enhancing the beauty of the place

With its stunning scenery, it would be a shame not to enjoy the charms of Switzerland during your private event. Choose the appropriate infrastructure that allows your guests to contemplate the starry sky in summer or the frozen lakes in winter. In summer, choose to rent an open-air tent, a pergola or a Naked Tipi, which allow you to discover the charms of the place and contemplate the sky. In winter, choose a crystal silhouette tent or crystal stretch tent to keep you warm. To enhance the facilities, add chandeliers to hang in the tents or starry sky lighting for a magical setting. If your event is outdoors, structure the space with a carousel of lights.

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