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Provencal elegance for a wedding at Château Fonscolombe

Provencal elegance for a wedding at Château Fonscolombe

On June 17, 2023, Château Fonscolombe in Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade provided an idyllic backdrop for a wedding organized by Tyler Speier Events. This beautiful Provencal château was the meeting place for guests from many different horizons, proof of its international appeal. Atawa accompanied the wedding planner in the organization of this exceptional wedding

Château Fonscolombe: a jewel of Provencal art de vivre

The bride and groom chose Château Fonscolombe for their wedding ceremony and reception. Nestled in the picturesque hills of Provence, Château Foscolombe in Aix-en-Provence stands majestically, a timeless jewel of elegance and refinement. Surrounded by vast, lush gardens and rolling vineyards, this historic edifice offers the ideal setting for an upscale wedding.
Château de Fonscolombe, a member of Relais et Châteaux, offers an exceptional setting for an outdoor wedding, with its elegant façade and graceful turrets. Covering a vast area, the gardens are a well-organized mix of flower beds, well-trimmed bushes and cobbled pathways. Fountains and water basins add a touch of freshness, while mature trees provide shady areas.

Mariage au Château Fonscolombe Atawa
@jameswitty @jessfairchild

Dream facilities for this Relais et Château wedding

Tailor-made installations were carefully designed for this extraordinary occasion. Atawa installed two zig-zag garland ceilings, embellished with guinguette-style string lights, supported by delicately weighted wooden poles.
As night fell, these garlands lit up, enveloping the space in a soft, bewitching glow, creating an atmosphere as magical as it was intimate for all guests. Under this starry sky, the meal was transformed into a culinary experience under the stars, imbued with warmth and conviviality. The aerial decoration added a touch of elegance, blending in perfectly with the sumptuous décor of the château, giving all present an unforgettable souvenir of this memorable evening.

Mariage au Château Fonscolombe Atawa
@jameswitty @jessfairchild

Dinner under the stars

This intimate, upscale wedding featured two unforgettable dinners. The first dinner was held in front of the château's magnificent facade, with a long table covered in a deep blue tablecloth, adorned with elegant tableware and bouquets of white roses. Caned medallion chairs added a charming touch.
The second dinner, with a larger number of guests, featured several rectangular tables topped with white tablecloths and adorned with magnificent pink peonies, evoking the beauty of the season. Accessories reminiscent of Provence, such as olive branches in charming wicker baskets and small lemons scattered here and there, completed the decor, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

Mariage au Château Fonscolombe Atawa
@jameswitty @jessfairchild

Atawa's added value for this wedding in Bouches-du-Rhône: exceptional adaptability

In addition to the quality of the installation, flexibility was a must: the installations were dismantled on Sunday, to fit in with the schedule of this large-scale wedding.
One of the highlights of this collaboration was Atawa's adaptability to the demands of an international audience. With a wedding planner and clients from the USA, flexibility and openness were essential, qualities for which Atawa is renowned.

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Co-providers : planning, design & floral @tylerspeier  ; hair @joyce_jasonmatthew  ; makeup @weddingsbyalejandra ; photo @jameswitty @jessfairchild ; Video @bstudios_sb ; DJ @wildfire_dis ; Rentals & lighting  @atawaevent @options_aixenprovence

Write by Linda - 11 October 2023

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