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Wedding under the stars

Wedding under the stars

We organized a wedding reception under the stars alongside Wedding Planner Magali from MCL Events in the Nîmes area, in the garden of Domaine de Villary. All the elements were present to create an intimate and fairytale decor: crystal chandeliers, subdued lighting, string lights, romantic castle-style furniture and elegant floral decoration. Discover this chic, intimate and romantic wedding reception.

A wedding under the stars with an intimate atmosphere

For their wedding under the stars in Nîmes, the bride and groom wanted a private and warm ceremony in the garden of the estate. The Villary estate offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding reception. A total of 83 guests were gathered for this uncluttered wedding with a romantic atmosphere that took place on a balmy summer evening under the stars. 
The floral arrangements of white roses and peonies, the candles on the tables, the arrangement of the guests in a circle and the romantic lighting combined perfectly with our Open Sky Tent to create an intimate atmosphere and celebrate the love of the newlyweds.

The infrastructure provided by Atawa

Afin d'accompagner la Wedding Planner Magali de MCL Events, nous avons apporté une offre clé en main sur trois corps de métiers pour cette réception de mariage : structure, sol et mise en lumière.

An open-air tent

The bride and groom wanted to have a wedding reception under the stars, in the open air, despite the bad weather forecast. So we set up a 120 m² open air tent in the garden of the Domaine de Villary. Aware that the unforeseen can sometimes disrupt even the most carefully prepared events, we proposed a solution adapted in case of whims of the sky: the rain option. This last option allowed the bride and groom to serenely consider the possibility of protecting their reception under a crystal roof in case of need. Fortunately, fate smiled on the couple and the sun illuminated their wedding day.

atawa location tente à ciel ouvert

A timeless and elegant floor

To bring a natural and authentic touch to this wedding reception under the stars, we installed a classic floor. Its natural color harmonized perfectly with the furniture and decorations, creating a friendly and refined atmosphere. We also installed a ramp to ensure optimal accessibility for all guests, while remaining discreet and elegant.

Romantic lighting 

Under the tent, the decor was sumptuous and enchanting. The chandeliers diffused a subdued and warm light, creating a romantic and hushed atmosphere. To enhance the tent and emphasize the brilliance of the decorative elements, spotlights were installed. Their soft, subdued glow highlighted the surrounding vegetation, making the tent a true haven of peace in the heart of nature. The structure of the tent blended in with the natural decor of the domain, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

atawa location tente à ciel ouvert

A romantic interlude in the garden of the Château de Villary

A romantic setting

The infrastructure installed by Atawa was sublimated by a castle furniture and a decoration both chic and romantic. The long wooden tables, were adorned with elegant and refined tableware: gold marquis glasses, gold filet plane plates and moon colored water glasses, as well as white candle holders and clear candle holders. The delicate floral design by flower designer Charlotte of Flower and Twig, matched with the lush greenery, brilliantly complemented the clean and elegant style of this wedding reception under the stars. Along the tables, bouquets of roses and peonies wafted an enchanting scent adding a romantic and natural touch to the decor.

atawa location tente à ciel ouvert

A touch of modernity

After dinner, guests were treated to the famous wedding video with the installation of a video projector and white screen, adding a modern touch to this romantic evening.

atawa location tente à ciel ouvert

Atawa's plus

Atawa a apporté une offre clé en main adaptée au thème de l’événement, avec un accompagnement dédié, la modification des propositions au gré des envies et besoins du couple, le repérage et la coordination. Nous sommes en mesure de vous accompagner dans tous vos projets personnels (mariages, réceptions familiales, etc.), mais également pour tout évènement professionnel (gala, cocktail, inauguration de produits, etc.). 
To learn more about our services and our different solutions do not hesitate to contact us. Let's build your ideal event together.

Wedding planner : Mcl Events - Furniture Terre d'Ocre - Photographer : Flora Chevalier - Florist : Charlotte Flower and Twig

Write by Linda - 10 May 2023

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