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An unforgettable celebration under the stars

An unforgettable celebration under the stars

At the magnificent Domaine de Primard in Guainville, Sophie and Paul celebrated their union with a magical wedding reception. 
The couple, based in the United States, entrusted the organisation of their destination wedding to wedding planner Fete in France.
We created a unique, fairytale setting for their 100 guests, transforming the estate into a venue in the couple's image: chic, magical and imbued with enchantment.

A dream setting prepared in record time

Atawa rose to the challenge of a tight schedule, with set-up the day before the event and dismantling the next day. Despite this time constraint, it didn't stop our teams from finalising the decor for this wedding organised in the Centre-Val de Loire on time.

Destination wedding France

Infrastructure with a view of the stars

The reception took place under an open-air tent, allowing guests to admire the starry sky throughout the evening.
This choice of tent is ideal for creating an original and magical reception venue while enjoying an exceptional outdoor environment. To ensure your event goes off without a hitch, Atawa offers a rain option, with the possibility of installing a crystal canopy to cover the structure and shelter guests from the elements. 

A destination wedding with a magical atmosphere: magical lighting and refined décor

Lighting played a key role in creating an enchanted, fairytale setting. We installed a starry sky forming a glittering canopy under which guests were able to celebrate until the early hours of the morning. 
The bride and groom opted for refined furniture with banquet tables covered in white tablecloths and surrounded by the famous Medallion Chairs. 
Two catering tents were set up discreetly at the back of the main tent to allow for meal preparation and smooth service.

Destination wedding France

To complete the atmosphere, we paid particular attention to every detail of the décor. The wall at the back of the structure was dressed in white brushed cotton to conceal the area reserved for the caterer. A white partition was also custom-made to allow staff to navigate easily and discreetly between the main tent and the catering tents. 
A skirting, which hides the gap between the floor and the ground, has also been installed for an elegant finish.

Impeccable logistics

The reception for this destination wedding in the Centre-Val de Loire was held outdoors, right in the heart of the parc du Domaine de Primard. To ensure that the evening ran smoothly and that everyone could enjoy this magical event, we set up a powerful power supply. A double generator was installed for reliable power distribution throughout the event. That's how the party was able to last all night under the stars.

Destination wedding France

Atawa, expertise for your events

This magical wedding in the Centre-Val de Loire once again demonstrated Atawa's expertise in destination wedding organisation. We are committed to making every event unique and unforgettable, with rigorous planning, attention to detail and adaptability in the face of logistical challenges. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our turnkey services and discover how we can help you achieve your dream event.

Photographer: bubblerock - Florist: Floraison - Wedding dress: Monique Lhuillier Invitations: Nice Plume - Venue and caterer: Domaine de Primard - Entertainment: Your Dream Band Ceremony - Music: Jazz Around Midnigh - Decoration: Metropolitan Design Paris - Furniture hire: Options

Write by Linda - 20 July 2023

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