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Digital event

Atawa supports you in the organisation of your digital event
Digital event

Whether it's a conference or a sports class, a New Year's ceremony or a general meeting, there are many opportunities to create a digital event in a company. Atawa is here to support you with all its experience and skills so that your virtual event is a complete success!

As with a physical event, it is essential to define the objectives of your digital event beforehand.

Is it the presentation of a new product? Is it an operation to enhance your brand image? Or a prospecting action to reach new partners? The result you want to achieve is the determining factor in determining the format of your event, the communication method and also the budget allocated!

Tailor-made organisation of your digital events

Thanks to Atawa's expertise, Lululemon was able to keep in touch with its community during the lockdown by live streaming its yoga classes. In their own studio, Atawa set up all the technical elements to make the Zen atmosphere of the space felt, and to highlight the teacher during the exercises.

The 2nd edition of the Stars Up festival also took place remotely, thanks to the installation of the video recording, the control room, the sound system, the lighting and the decoration by Atawa's specialized teams. Big screen, starry atmosphere... 200 participants were able to live this virtual event dedicated to star enthusiasts and specialists on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether in your offices or in a TV studio, we provide the necessary equipment and people to make your digital event a success. 

Why choose Atawa for your conference

Tailor-made AND turnkey event

Tailor-made AND turnkey event

A dedicated consultant is there to help you choose the event solution that best suits your needs (even at the last minute). In addition, thanks to a network of top-of-the-range partners, you will only have one contact with whom you can talk in complete peace of mind!
Teams at your service

Teams at your service

A dedicated advisor will accompany you from the design of your tailor-made project to its completion and an Atawa coordinator will be present on the day of assembly!


Our expertise in our 12 trades allows us to accompany you for your wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or the simple desire to get together to celebrate!
Plurality of supply

Plurality of supply

From the classic party tent to the bamboo tent, from the pergola to the teepee for your guests, from the beige stretch tent to the geodesic dome, the choice is yours!
New and original infrastructures

New and original infrastructures

From the conventional, to the functional, to the extravagant, to the unprecedented, our teams design existing spaces or create new ones thanks to exceptional infrastructures and flawless expertise

A global turnkey offer

A local presence throughout France (and beyond!)

Our advice for the organisation of your digital event

Finding the perfect venue for your event

the easiest option. The equipment is already on site, ready to be used, and the quality of the stream is guaranteed by an optimal connection. Do you like the atmosphere of a TV set? Do you prefer an industrial-style setting? Atawa and its many partners offer you access to recording studios with different atmospheres. Of course, with Atawa's experience, you can also record your event directly in your company or in a location that reflects its values.

Determine the technical requirements of your video capture

Now that you know how and where you are going to organise your live event, you need to draw up a list of all the necessary technological elements. Cameras, microphones, LED screens, lights... Everything must be thought of so that the streaming event is successful, in a pleasant and above all well-lit setting! The installation of a video control room allows you to ensure the smooth running of your event, and to punctuate the live event with other media or some animations, like during the web-conference of the company Content Square organised by Atawa.

Define your target audience and online delivery platform

Who is your digital event for? Who do you want to reach with your event? By defining your target audience, you will be able to choose the most suitable delivery platform for your live stream. Each of the main delivery methods has its own advantages. For a dedicated viewing for a limited audience, you can opt for a video hosting site. Is your message exclusively for your team? Your company's intranet remains the most legitimate platform. Of course, social networks, such as Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, guarantee the largest audience, as everyone can access your live stream. Atawa is also at your side to guide you in selecting the best medium for your event.

Digital solutions for an interactive and lively event

Keeping an audience's attention at an event is not always easy, but it is even more so when there is a physical distance between the speakers and the audience. Fortunately, there are several methods to keep your audience engaged throughout the broadcast, which Atawa has mastered. Infodecor, for example, is a very effective staging solution. It involves using a screen at the back of the stage to display images or videos, either full screen or in smaller windows. In this way, your scenery changes as your event unfolds. What better way to illustrate a point, or to take your audience into another world? Keep in mind that your live show is watched by human beings. Interactivity is one of the keys to a successful digital event. Whether it's an online quiz or a chat room Q&A, your audience needs to feel involved. In this digital world, Atawa is there to support you in the design and implementation of your event, so that the human element remains at the heart of your priorities.

The key products for organising a video recording

Peace of mind for our customers


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