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Wedding in Bretagne under a starry sky

Wedding in Bretagne under a starry sky

Exceptional wedding reception under the stars

This wedding in Bretagne took place in the grounds of a magnificent family castle located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Gulf of Morbihan. Andréa and Patrick chose to celebrate their union under an elegant Silhouette tent decorated with garlands of lights to create a starry sky: a bohemian and romantic atmosphere guaranteed! 

Ciel étoilé en guirlande lumineuse sous une tente silhouette

   Photo taken by Stéphane Le Ludec

Wedding in Morbihan by the sea

Located only a few metres from the sea, the Château de Kerran is bordered by green lawns and dense trees. A family property, the estate is located in the charming town of Arradon, in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan. An exceptional setting in which Andréa and Patrick have naturally chosen to celebrate their union. 
To help them make their dreams come true, the couple called on the services of Gaëlle Cahoreau, founder of the Breton agency "Gaëlle Weddings". Working hand in hand, the wedding planner and Atawa suggested the installation of a huge 20 x 20 metre Silhouette Tent to accommodate the 250 guests of the bride and groom. The structure, with a ceiling height of up to 7.60 metres in the centre, had crystal curtains on three sides to protect the interior of the tent from possible Breton draughts after dark. The majestic, rounded tent rested on several wooden poles and housed a floor that was cleaned and stained on site to ensure it was perfect for the day. 
For the cocktail party, a Pagoda Tent and a 90m2 floor were set up facing the sea, so that guests could enjoy the beauty of the show while sipping a glass of champagne. 

Mobilier bohème et romantique

   Photo taken by Stéphane Le Ludec

A bohemian and romantic wedding decoration

Under the tent, a natural and bohemian decoration with ultra-reflective finishes: wooden furniture, bouquets of white and pink flowers, a series of large bows hanging from the chairs, a plant crown or candleholders matching the gold matt effect cutlery. 
A dream setting, including the lighting, as the ceiling of the silhouette tent was decorated with a starry sky made up of LED garlands, while outside, paper lanterns were placed along the dirt path leading to the entrance of the structure. An unforgettable sight that the guests were able to enjoy throughout the evening thanks to the installation of a terrace in the extension of the tent and the catering office. A delicate attention that the smokers were able to appreciate.

Mariage en Bretagne sous une élégante tente silhouette

   Photo taken by Stéphane Le Ludec

Write by Maïlys - 21 January 2020

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