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FAGUO nature seminar in the forest

FAGUO nature seminar in the forest

Creation of a camp for a company seminar in nature

Discover now the video we made of this event!

For their annual seminar, Atawa imagined an eco-responsible camp in the middle of nature for the founders of the French fashion brand FAGUO, on the edge of the Breton forest of Erdeven. A very special symbolism for the teams, since it is a forest... FAGUO!

A responsible seminar in the image of FAGUO

This year, Fred and Nico, founders of FAGUO, wanted to surprise their 50 employees by organising a two-day adventure in one of their forests. As an eco-responsible fashion brand, the company offsets its CO2 emissions by planting a tree for each FAGUO product purchased. As a result, more than 1.3 million trees have been planted in collaboration with the nurseryman Naudet since the creation of the brand in 2009. So what better way than to take the teams to admire the fruits of their labour? 

In order to build the camp of their dreams, Fred and Nico called on Atawa. The specifications? A camp set up around a fire, in the middle of nature. To keep in line with their desire for authenticity, Atawa recommended the installation of small wooden and poly-cotton Tipis, each of which can accommodate up to 4 people, as well as a large Tipi used as a living space for the camp. Note that this structure is also resistant to all weather conditions, which is not insignificant for an event organised at the end of September in Morbihan...

On the programme: teambulding with collaborative assembly in the woods

In order to keep the surprise going, Atawa did not hesitate to change its usual assembly schedule. As a result, the teams had no idea that they would be sleeping on site when they arrived in the clearing. 

Once the secret was out, the seminar began, with the advice of Atawa, with a convivial and participative moment: the creation of the camp. While everyone took part in setting up the 12 100% modular accommodation teepees, the Atawa team got down to setting up a reception teepee, a central living space capable of welcoming everyone for the evening.  
To add character to the camp and to remain in line with the FAGUO values, Atawa also suggested the installation of camp beds, as well as wooden furniture (bar, tables, chairs...). 
And to take the eco-responsible concept to its logical conclusion, the camp was powered by green energy thanks to the solar panels of the large tepee, providing electricity for the lighting and the sound system. Of course, as a safety measure, and in case of bad weather, Atawa had thought of equipping the camp with an emergency generator.

A tested and approved green seminar!

All in all, this seminar in the middle of nature allowed the employees to experience strong moments of cohesion while rediscovering the benefits of nature! For Atawa: A successful first seminar in the middle of the forest and an experience that the participants highly recommend to all companies wishing to create a great moment of conviviality with their team.


Write by Maïlys - 19 November 2019

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