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Private birthday party in the Vaucluse

Private birthday party in the Vaucluse

Organisation of a high-end birthday party in the PACA region

In July 2019, Atawa headed for the olive trees and plane trees to set up a high-end reception tent for a private birthday party in a Provencal estate in the heart of the Vaucluse. 

A chic and elegant reception in the heart of the Vaucluse

Having set their sights on a sublime Provençal estate in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, our clients wanted a structure that would be able to accommodate their 450 guests outside, so that they could enjoy the gentle melody of the cicadas and the warmth of the summer. 

Anniversaire privée dans un domaine provençal dans le Vaucluse

We set up a 650 m2 Cristal tent in the garden of the Provençal estate. The space was spread out on different levels and the structure was bordered on one side by the garden and a vegetable patch, and on the other by a field of olive trees, offering guests a breathtaking view of the fragrant garrigue. In addition to the main tent, we provided a 200 m2 catering tent, a 150 m2 staff tent and a pagoda for the children. 
Inside, the decoration was refined, sober and elegant in the image of the beautiful Vaucluse department. In addition to a spruce VIP floor and five crystal chandeliers, we installed a stage entirely dressed in white to highlight the various speakers during the evening.
With the exception of a few trees that remained under the tent, everything was almost completely covered in white. 

Tailor-made support for a top-of-the-range event

Advising our clients throughout their project, we produced a 3D model and then a 3D video of the event to enable them to better visualise the final rendering of the installations. A scenario that required several on-site technical scouting trips beforehand.

This personalised support continued during the assembly phase thanks to the presence on site of our sales representative Julien and our coordinator Théophile. Both of them made sure that everything ran smoothly during the three days of preparation, which took place in the middle of a heat wave... Fortunately, nothing could stop our hard-working teams, who worked hand in hand with the various service providers, such as Options who managed the furniture, or TF Event who took care of the technical part, and the whole thing was supervised by the agency Vermer and Aisance Events

On the day, our teams took care of last-minute finishing touches, such as dressing the control room. In addition, two decorators were on hand during the event for any necessary alterations.

Write by Maïlys - 18 November 2018

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