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The Orangery

  • Majestic
  • Luminous
  • Refined
The Orangery The Orangery

Orangery rental

For a authentic event, the orangery is the perfect structure! 

Fully modulable and personalizable, our top-of-the-range structure adapts to your desires and makes your event a unique moment. Compose your own structure: length - width - single or double roof - coloured or crystal interlining.

The combination of steel and arched walls immerses you in a refined environment. At first glance, your guests will be delivered into an elegant and luminous setting. The glazed walls will provide transparency and make way for daylight. As soon as night falls, add a few lights and you're all set to create a chic, warm space. We suggest adding ambient lighting for outside with warm white spotlights and luster lighting indoors. 

Create an outdoor living room by composing a terrace. For example, combine our Romance armchairs and sofas with our Golden round coffee table to add a touch of enchantment. 

To perfect your event, Atawa can complete the Ephemeral Orangery with our Furniture and Castle art of the table.

Don't forget the floral dressing to complete your event and bank on a green environment.

To know


The canvas of the Orangery can be made in any colour you like.


The frame of the structure is made of aluminium.


The tent is usually secured by staking or ballasting.


The Orangery is installed with flooring and can be carpeted to your liking.

Further information


The orangery consists of a single or double roof, in any colour you wish. The roof can be made of crystal. The aluminium frames are fully glazed. The tent will protect you perfectly from the rain in case of bad weather or from the sun in case of strong heat. Finally, the Orangery is equipped with a metal frame floor.


The Structure is modular and offers multiple design possibilities with single or double roof. Standard widths for single roof: 6m, 10m, 15m. Standard widths for double roof: 18m, 20m, 30m. Other widths are available according to requirements. For a simple assembly, the width of the structure can go up to 15m. Beyond this width, a forklift is required to lift the trusses. Length: succession of 5m bays.


The roof can be customised according to your wishes and the frames are fully glazed. The canvas of the structure is waterproof, anti-UV, fireproof and classified M2 fireproof. The weight of our fabrics is high, which makes them very resistant. In addition, the fabric provides excellent acoustics.


The tent is made up of several anchoring points. It can be fixed in different ways: - Stake in the ground if the place allows it - Self-balancing floor - Ballast block (concrete, sand or water).


The Orangery can withstand winds of up to 100km/h and 4cm of snow. Our structures are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.


We can provide an extract from the Safety Register of our tents. These are CTS approved by the relevant authorities.