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Winter Camp at Trinquet Village for Jameson

Winter Camp at Trinquet Village for Jameson

We'd like to welcome you to Winter Camp Jameson, an event combining the charm of a winter barbecue and the refined tasting of Jameson Irish whiskies that we've been lucky enough to orchestrate thanks to our client: the Halloween Agency. Held at Trinquet Village, an iconic venue in the heart of Paris's 16th arrondissement, the event kept its promise: a warm, friendly atmosphere for 300 guests every evening from March 9 to 18, 2023.

Ingenious organization

Tents and a teepee for a convivial setting

Bringing together 300 people every evening for almost 10 days in an atmosphere combining the conviviality of a campfire and the refinement of a whisky tasting is a major challenge. However, our Atawa teams succeeded in creating a magical atmosphere at Trinquet Village by installing three unique structures. A 37.5 m² stretch tent for the kitchen area, a 105 m² tent housing the Jameson bar and whisky tasting area, and a 50 m² circus tipi covering the dining area. These structures were subtly lit with guinguette garlands to create a warm, modern setting.


Barbecue hivernal au Trinquet Village Paris


Flexibility and responsiveness, the hallmarks of a successful event

Every event venue has its own constraints. Here, it was the reduced size of the tennis court.

Flexibility being part of Atawa's DNA, we adapted the size of one of the stretch tents for a 100% customized event.

To ensure the safety of participants, we ballasted the tipi using sandbags. We were also accommodating when it came to the dismantling date. Being able to change it at the last minute allowed us to adapt to our customers' needs, underlining our commitment to satisfying them to the best of our ability.

Jameson BBQ Winter Experience, a feast for the senses

A refined gourmet menu

The event, dubbed the Jameson BBQ Winter Experience, offered participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Jameson Irish whiskey. All its flavors were brought to life by the Marché Noir nomadic smokehouse and celebrity chef Valentin Raffali, whose talents were put to good use in an urban campfire-style winter BBQ atmosphere. Guests enjoyed signature cocktails and a host of recipes using Jameson whisky, including meats prepared à la ficelle, grilled vegetables and sauces.


Barbecue hivernal au Trinquet Village Paris


Under the teepee, participants could also enjoy a quality meal, imagined by a chef from Marseilles. He proposed delicious sauces to accompany the smoked meats cooked on the BBQ. The cost was 30 euros for 2 cocktails, a starter, main course and dessert. Another option was to eat from the on-site food truck.

The evenings were also punctuated by private dinners, masterclasses and entertainment orchestrated by brand ambassadors.

A warm, nomadic atmosphere

This event was entirely conceived around a culinary Open Air concept. It is defined by a nomadic, woodsy, natural and raw atmosphere. And what better way to embody this than with tents, BBQs and braziers? These alone lent a warm and convivial touch to the event, to which the general public was also invited from 6pm.


Barbecue hivernal au Trinquet Village Paris


Atawa, a trusted event partner

Atawa stands for AnyThing, AnyWhere, Anytime. In other words, we turn your every need into reality. The proof is in the Jameson BBQ Winter Experience. Our teams, with expertise in 9 areas of activity, proposed a turnkey project to customers, taking into account their requests, the constraints imposed and showing initiative to make this event a convivial and memorable moment.

At Atawa, we're committed to offering a complete service, including advice, coordination, installation and logistics, to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. From weddings and private receptions to BtoB events such as product launches, sporting events, galas and cocktail parties, we invite you to discuss your requirements directly with our experts.

Visit our website atawa.com and our Instagram to discover our achievements and current projects.


Credit: Agency: @halloween_agency - Brand: @jamesonwhiskey_en - Photographer: @Sadiksansvoltaire -Chef: @valraffali 
Urban smoker: @marche_noir_fumoir_urbain - Location: @trinquetvillage

Write by Pauline - 28 November 2023

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