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An elegant installation for a nature wedding in Normandy

An elegant installation for a nature wedding in Normandy

Wedding in Normandy in the middle of nature

This Normandy wedding took place in Croissanville, a French town in the Calvados department. The event was celebrated in the garden of a beautiful and elegant castle. The newlyweds chose to celebrate their union in August under a beautiful silhouette tent.

An elegant installation on private property

The Normandy wedding was celebrated in the garden of a magnificent castle located in the old French town of Croissanville. The newlyweds called on us for a global offer: structure, furniture, floor, decor, lighting, energy, sanitary, sound, photo and video.
The reception of 150 guests took place under a 220m² Sailcloth Marquee. The latter housed several round tables covered with white tablecloths and accessorized with large transparent candleholders and bouquets in pink and white tones. In the center of the structure, there was a majestic oval head table. To remain in harmony with the decoration of the tables, the bride and groom chose pretty white square chairs.

Atawa location tente mariage normandie

We also installed a wooden floor on a frame to allow the guests to fully enjoy the evening.
Small originality: the floor was cut to integrate the few shrubs of the garden to complete the natural decoration of this wedding.
Always with the idea of an authentic decoration, it was installed a jute fabric as a skirt of the tent, in order to hide in an elegant way the space between the floor and the ground.
The catering office, housed in a folding tent, was connected to the main tent by a white rough-hewn partition. This allowed the waiters to access the reception tent easily and discreetly.

An event realized from A to Z by Atawa

To create a warm atmosphere, we chose to illuminate the surrounding area of the structure with warm white garlands of light. For a romantic touch, other garlands were positioned in the shape of a star between the central poles, above the guests. There were also spotlights that worked independently for the comfort of the guests during the meal. We also took care to illuminate the castle and the surrounding nature with spotlights, allowing the guests to enjoy the exceptional setting through the transparent curtains of the Sailcloth Marquee.
It rained in Normandy that day, so in order to ensure optimal temperature in the tent, we provided forced-air heaters.

Atawa location tente mariage normandie

Following the meal, the bride and groom and their loved ones were able to relive the story of the young couple in pictures thanks to a 3000 lumens video projector that we installed with a white screen in the center of the space. During the event, a technical permanence was present to ensure the good functioning of the sound system, the light, the energy as well as the electrical distribution. The bride and groom were able to live their magical evening to the fullest with their families and friends.
We are able to accompany you in all your personal projects (weddings, family receptions, etc.), but also for any professional event (gala, cocktail, product inauguration, etc.).
Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and our different solutions. Let's build your ideal event together.

Write by Linda - 6 February 2023

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