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An exceptional wedding in the Vienne department

An exceptional wedding in the Vienne department

The meeting of castle life and a summer atmosphere for a top-of-the-range wedding

In June 2021, Atawa had the opportunity to participate in the organisation of the wedding of Romain and Isaure, a young couple in love who - due to the health crisis - had to postpone the most beautiful day of their lives for two years. This event represented a major challenge as it had to bring together 400 people, within the framework of health restrictions (finally lifted just before the date). For Romain and Isaure, we rose to the challenge and they were able to get married in one of the most romantic settings possible.

Wedding reception in a family estate

The choice of venue was an obvious one for the couple with strong family values: a house that has been in the groom's family for six generations. A place full of childhood memories for Romain, and where his great grandparents also celebrated their love. The Château de la planche, a symbolic and unique place for the bride and groom, was enhanced on the evening of the wedding by a sound and light show retracing the history of the family castle, organised in secret by Romain's father.

Atawa organisation mariage haut-de-gamme dans la Vienne
Photographe : Stéphane Le Ludec


A comprehensive package for this exceptional wedding

A total of six Stretch tents were set up in the park of the château to accommodate the various cocktail buffets and to shelter guests in case of rain. Pallet furniture was also placed around the nomad tents to allow guests to sip their glass of champagne in comfort.
To keep with the country theme, the bride and groom chose the 600m² bamboo tent to accommodate all the guests for the sit-down dinner and the dance floor. Indeed, the bride and groom wanted a place especially dedicated to dance lovers, hence the installation of a 32m² podium.
An outdoor terrace was created around the marquee providing a cosy space for guests to enjoy the fresh air during the evening. To add a touch of elegance, the decorators proposed the addition of a beautiful black skirting to cover the wooden floor.

Atawa organisation mariage haut-de-gamme dans la Vienne
Photographe : Stéphane Le Ludec

A 150 m² catering office was also installed.
The furniture was made of bamboo and consisted of Louisiane chairs, round tables and a large head table for the bride and groom and their witnesses. The lighting was integrated into the bamboo poles, to be as discreet and "natural" as possible.
Finally, for the comfort of all the guests, the bride and groom and their families, we had of course planned a sanitary caravan with a vintage look, hidden behind the marquee.

A jungle chic theme decoration

The decoration of this high-end wedding had to meet a certain set of specifications. The couple wanted an atmosphere reminiscent of the "jungle indoors" but also in keeping with the family castle in Roches-Prémarie-Andillé.
Thus, the poles of the Bamboo tent were covered with large palm leaves, and its canvas was enhanced at nightfall by luminous lyres creating a magical play of light. 
The tableware and floral arrangements were in the colours chosen by the bride and groom: white and orange.

Atawa organisation mariage haut-de-gamme dans la Vienne
Photographe : Stéphane Le Ludec

A large-scale project for the happiness of two newlyweds

The organisation of such a high-end wedding required a complex and detailed roadmap. To achieve this, dedicated support was set up with the bride and groom and their families. In particular, consideration was given to compliance with health regulations, with a thorough work on the organisation of table plans and on the restrictions imposed by the caterer.
In addition, many prestigious brands and partners were involved in the event and had to work hand in hand to ensure the success of the project. Isaure and Romain chose mainly local service providers, with a good knowledge of the region, but above all, they chose suppliers they had met during the wedding. The trust and harmony between the service providers allowed Isaure and Romain to live their wedding in complete serenity.

Bamboo marquee: Bambooscopic - Caterer: Humblot (Bordeaux) - Florist: Côté Art (Angouleme) - Wedding Planner: Joli Jour - groom's outfit: Lagonda- bride's outfit: Celestina Agostino- best man hats: Kittensinahat- best man socks: Label Chaussette- photographer 1: Christophe W. photographer 2: Stéphane Le Ludec- videographer: Marions-nous dans les Bois- DJ: Valentin Laroche Joubert- hairdresser: Carita Paris- make-up artist: Manijeh.beeuty- saxophone: JOOSAX- Artificer: Pyroconcept

Write by Perrine - 5 November 2021

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