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Tailor-made seminar for Genvia

Tailor-made seminar for Genvia

In June 2023, we helped organise a seminar in Béziers for Genvia, a company specialising in the production of carbon-free hydrogen. Find out more about what we did for this business event in the Hérault department (34);

A seminar in Béziers for Genvia

Genvia called on Atawa to install the infrastructure for its company event in Béziers. The aim of the seminar was to inaugurate a new production line, and 170 guests attended. The event was also marked by video appearances by the Minister for Industry and the Minister for Ecological Transition.

The infrastructure provided by Atawa

To organise this seminar in Béziers, we offered Genvia a turnkey package including the reception infrastructure and video recording;

A reception tent in two parts

Atawa supplied a 400 m² reception tent with a traditional floor covering the entire surface. We then defined two different areas within the tent, using a partition curtain and carpet on the floor. This provided the company with two functional areas for the inauguration of its production line:

 - A conference space decorated in the company's colours and including the technical side (screen, sound system, lighting...)
 - A cocktail/exhibition space with a buffet and furniture.

For the conference area, we installed a 50 cm high podium with a black curtain at the back of the stage, as well as white opal chairs for the participants. For the cocktail area, we opted for more casual furniture, with white iconic side tables and white sila high chairs. A decorator laid carpet over 250 m² to create a chic, professional atmosphere. The gable end of the marquee was customised in the company colours (orange).

événement entreprise Béziers

A 25 m² catering office was installed, providing the caterer with a functional back office for preparing cocktails. The structures and furniture were completed by the installation of a 5-station sanitary trailer. For safety, water and CO2 fire extinguishers were also installed.

An aftermovie produced by an expert team;

Atawa also organised the video coverage of the seminar. A cameraman, flying cameras positioned around the room and a technical control room covered the entire event. The filming lasted 4 hours and was broadcast live on YouTube. The rushes taken during the day were also used to produce an aftermoovie requested by Genvia;

Lighting, sound and image

For the lighting, we installed spotlights on the floor. The team presentations were projected onto a 42-inch flat screen and a 7m² LED video screen. Speakers were able to express themselves through a wireless hand-held microphone, giving them complete freedom of movement. We provided amplified speakers and a sound, video and lighting team to be on hand in the event of any technical problems.

événement entreprise Béziers

Atawa's plus points

Would you like to organise a corporate event that reflects your personality? Atawa has the resources and expertise needed to organise made-to-measure events. Our expertise means we can adapt to your every need to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. For the inauguration of Genvia's production line in Béziers, the event was not booked by the client until 2 weeks before the big day. The company had a number of requirements, including infrastructure, lighting and video recording, as well as the various teams to be managed on site with imposed safety instructions. The timing for organising all this was tight, but our teams managed to put on a flawless corporate event!

Write by Linda - 21 August 2023

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