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Tesla showroom opens in Valenton

Tesla showroom opens in Valenton

Creation of a temporary showroom for a Tesla car dealership

The Tesla dealership in Valenton wanted to create a showroom that could be used over several months to welcome customers and showcase the brand's various car models. Between luxury and technology, visitors are invited to plunge into the world of Tesla.

A tailor-made structure for this professional event

Tesla vehicles are renowned for their robustness and durability. That's why we opted for durable materials that will also enable this installation to last for several months, in this case for a period of 6 months in Valenton, and to withstand the elements.
For the occasion, Atawa installed a 150 m² reception tent, equipped with a reinforced floor capable of supporting the load of the vehicles, offering a beautiful, secure space for the exhibition. 
To personalize the installation and give it a high-end look, Atawa covered one of the structure's walls with a digital print depicting the Tesla logo. The roof was also covered in stretched velum, while the structure's handrails were clad in the same color of brushed cotton. 
A skirting was installed to conceal the gap between the floor and the ground. 
Red needle-punched carpeting added a touch of luxury, while highlighting the Tesla vehicles on display. 

Showroom éphémère concession automobile

Setting up secure access

Tesla wanted to be able to receive customers in the tent, while still allowing the vehicles to enter. Access ramps were therefore provided for customers, as well as reinforced ramps specially designed to allow cars to enter the tent. 
Everything has been thought out to facilitate the event and allow participants to discover Tesla vehicles in complete peace of mind.

A sober, modern ambience for this Tesla business event

Strategically placed spotlights create an ambience conducive to showcasing the vehicles. 
The event, though short-lived, is scheduled to last until December 2023. We therefore had to ensure that the temperature inside the tent would remain pleasant over the weeks. We chose to install a reversible air-conditioning heater to ensure optimum comfort, despite changing weather conditions.


Showroom éphémère concession automobile

Adapting to customer needs is Atawa's strength

As event infrastructure professionals, we know that every event is unique. For this Tesla business event, we naturally had to adapt to Tesla's specific needs. The Tesla logo digitally printed on the tent is an excellent example of this flexibility and attention to detail.

This Tesla showroom in Valenton is more than just a showcase: it's an immersive experience that highlights the convergence of luxury and sustainability. From the robust infrastructure to the decorative details, everything has been designed to impress and delight visitors.  Atawa's know-how and adaptability enabled us to bring this project to fruition with complete peace of mind.

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Write by Linda - 9 October 2023

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