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Product launch of the new 100% electric Porsche

Product launch of the new 100% electric Porsche

Product launch for the new 100% electric Porsche

On July 4, the Driving Evolution agency organized the product launch of a new 100% electric Porsche model: the Taycan Cross Turismo. For this 100% electric automotive event, the agency called on Atawa to rent a tent in which to hold the press conferences. Here's a look back at an electrically-themed product launch in the great outdoors.

A 100% electric automotive event

The launch of the new Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche's 100% electric model, took place in the heart of a 600-hectare nature reserve, in the Domaine du Marquenterre at Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont (Somme). Over the course of a week, some fifteen journalists and influencers were invited to this product launch in the heart of nature.

For this electrically-themed automotive event, Porsche chose to rent an open tent. The atmosphere was natural: with no network on the event site, and wooden furniture, the launch of this new model illustrated the spirit of the Taycan Cross Turismo, both adventurous and rustic.


inauguration de produit atawa


Installation of a stretch tent for press conferences

For this automotive event, Atawa rented a 50 m² stretch tent from the organizing agency Driving Evolution. This open tent housed the week-long press conferences on the launch of this new 100% electric Porsche. The tent was set up in the middle of the grounds, at the center of the event. Guests were able to test drive the Taycan Cross Turismo before arriving, by chance, in front of our tent, to attend the press conference.

Atawa's know-how for a product launch in the heart of nature

Because the product launch had to be organized quickly, Atawa was given around 1 month's notice to rent the tent for this automotive event. We had to be flexible, as the schedule was already very full at this time of year.

Setting up the tent in the wilderness was a challenge: the ideal location for our tent, nestled between the sand dunes of a 600-hectare estate, was difficult to access. What's more, our teams feared the presence of wild animals such as wild boar, which could prowl around the tent and destroy the equipment.

The tent was erected on a Sunday morning at the customer's request. Although the erection was extremely quick, we didn't sacrifice the quality of the installation: despite the complex weather conditions, the tent held up well throughout the Taycan Cross Turismo launch week!

Write by Claire - 2 November 2023

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