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Music Festival - "Cercle"

Music Festival - "Cercle"

L’organisation colossale d’un festival de la musique, par ATAWA

On May 14, 2022 was held the Electro Music Festival "Cercle" in an exceptional setting: the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget airport. Postponed two years in a row because of the health crisis of covid-19, the latter could finally see the day in 2022.

The organization of a music festival was a first for the ATAWA team, which had to meet all the security requirements of an event with such a large number of participants in an unusual setting surrounded by an Airbus 380 and a replica of the Ariane rocket.

Organisation festival de musique electro

A music festival that brought together more than 30,000 people

The "Cercle" Festival brought together more than 30,000 visitors as well as renowned artists such as Agoria, Amélie Lens, NTO, and Étienne de Crecy. ATAWA has had to adapt to specific demands and regulations. Our missions did not stop at the rental of festival structures, but turned around coordination and reactivity. Indeed, some things had to be settled at the last minute, like the rental of Stretch tents.
Although the atmosphere of the venue was quite industrial and spatial, it was decided to add a more nomadic and natural touch, with furniture made from pallets on stretches of fake grass, to allow festival-goers to settle down in a shady and cool place between two concerts. We also had a large wooden dome installed near the A380 stage, with swings. Pagodas were also set up to house, among other things, the restaurant and bar areas for the many festival-goers.
In all, we had 900 m² of Stretch tents, 100 pagodas and 200 m² of storage space erected.
For a few privileged people, we also thought of a private crystal tent (transparent canvas), as well as furniture for the catering tents. In short, an organization of a music festival out of the ordinary, but stimulating and successful, considering the atmosphere of madness which inhabited "Circle", during all its duration!

Organisation festival de musique electro

Trust ATAWA to handle last minute contingencies

Between the inevitable imponderables of this kind of event and the last minute requests for festival structure rentals, our teams had to bounce back and adapt several times. For example, we had to bring in extra pagodas and furniture just a few hours before the festival started.
We also had to call on another provider for the Stretch tents the day before the set-up, but the challenge was successfully met and the atmosphere was great! Professionals, caterers and musicians had all the space they needed, while festival-goers could have fun, relax in our nomadic areas or eat from the caterers.
Although we managed the organization of a music festival, ATAWA's core business is also in the organization of more intimate events, whether professional or family. You have a project? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our teams will be happy to accompany you from start to finish.

Write by Lorie - 4 December 2022

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