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Corporate seminar on the theme of ice

Corporate seminar on the theme of ice

At the end of January 2023, we intervened to organize the annual winter seminar of the veterinary company MSD Santé Animale. The theme of the company seminar was seasonal: ice and icebergs. A first for the company and a real success. Discover our achievements for this week of teambuilding in Maine-et-Loire.

A teambuilding with an original theme: the iceberg

The veterinary laboratory MSD Santé Animale organizes two annual seminars: one in winter in January, and one in summer abroad. This year, MSD Santé Animale contacted us for the realization of its January seminar, on the theme of ice and icebergs.  This seminar started on January 23, 2023 and lasted one week, until January 27. 250 guests were present.

atawa location de tente séminaire d'entreprise
©MSD Santé Animale

The infrastructure provided by Atawa

For this week-long teambuilding, we installed several infrastructures and create various spaces: a reception and conference room, a catering office, a dressing room for the musicians, a storage space, as well as a checkroom and toilets.

The reception and conference area

For the reception and conference area, we installed a 675 m² reception tent with a stretched velum roof. For the exterior of the tent, we opted for crystal curtains and a double glazed entrance door.
In order to soften the atmosphere of the room and give it a more sophisticated style, we installed pleated curtains on all the walls of the tent. For the presentation screen, the edges of the structure were completed with scraped cotton partitions. Indeed, the latter occulting the outside light, they were essential for a perfect visibility of the video projection.
To personalize this event while respecting the chosen theme, we also made the tent's gable cover. The latter in brushed cotton was in the color of the company, blue, and represented the logo of the company.

atawa location de tente séminaire d'entreprise
©MSD Santé Animale

For the floor, we turned to a so-called "self-ballasted" floor, in order to meet the constraints of the venue. Indeed, it was not possible to stake the structure and the organizers of the event wished to avoid the installation of concrete blocks on the ground as ballast. This specific floor was the perfect answer to the company's needs.

The locker room

Under the main reception tent, we designed partitions to create a hidden space dedicated to the checkroom. For an elegant look, like the entire structure, we covered the partitions with a white brushed cotton.

atawa location de tente séminaire d'entreprise
©MSD Santé Animale

The catering office and the musicians' lodge

For the catering office, the musicians' dressing room and the storage area we installed pagoda tents. The wall of the musicians' dressing room was covered with white veils for a chic look, as well as to recall the ice cream theme.

The sanitary facilities

For the sanitary facilities, we have installed a caravan as well as autonomous sanitary cabins.

The little details that make the difference in a corporate seminar

Even if the theme of this corporate seminar was winter, we did not forget the heating for the comfort of the 250 guests. On the first day of the seminar it was very cold because of a heating failure that had occurred the weekend before the D-day. We were able to react quickly to fix the breakdown and ensure the comfort of our employees throughout the week.

Atawa's plus

Adaptability and reactivity are our key words. The organization of this company seminar went smoothly and seduced the organizers of the event as well as all the employees.
This was the first time MSD held their annual seminar in an event tent, and according to their feedback, it won't be the last time.
Do you have a seminar, gala or company party project to set up? Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and our different solutions. Let's build your ideal event together.

Write by Linda - 6 March 2023

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