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Nexity Seminar Video Capture

Nexity Seminar Video Capture

Let's dive into a unique experience, that of the Nexity seminar held in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. This gathering of 600 people was immortalized thanks to the expertise of our video capture teams. We tell you all about it!

Atawa and Nexity, an enduring relationship

At Atawa, we're not just spectators, we're committed partners. This live broadcast for Nexity is just one of the many collaborations we've carried out with this customer. In fact, we've had the privilege of organizing a dozen video recordings for this company. We interpret this ongoing partnership as a sign of the trust they place in our expertise and professionalism.

The art of corporate web-conference video capture

At Atawa, video capture is all about offering our customers total immersion in a captivating theme and an exceptional setting. Let's take a look at each element of our approach.

State-of-the-art equipment for successful video capture

Our "web-conference" video capture package offers participants an immersive experience. Just imagine: 3 cameras capturing every crucial moment, a video control room guaranteeing optimum quality, 7 microphones, a feedback screen, a precise timer and a prompter to facilitate speeches. All this technical equipment is accompanied by impeccable lighting and a live rebroadcast on Teams for maximum reach. Finally, we also make sure that someone is on hand to disinfect the microphones and equipment.


Captation vidéo nexity


The illusion of a sports TV set

We are committed to bringing our customers' aspirations to life. For this video, Nexity wanted to create a sports-themed TV set. The result? Every moment captured seemed suddenly more dynamic. This approach not only aroused the enthusiasm of the participants, but also helped reinforce the impact of the event.
To get as close as possible to sports TV sets, we opted for a needle-punched carpet, laid by an event decorator. Thanks to this attention to detail, we were able to create a unique atmosphere, faithfully reflected on the screens by our cameras. Consult our catalog to learn more about our flooring choices.

More than a live broadcast, a dynamic, immersive experience

At Atawa, we don't just capture moments, we create experiences. Our added value lies in our ability to support our customers in a holistic way, as demonstrated by the live rebroadcast in a TV set format during COVID-19. This dynamic approach on Teams, with a more lively presentation of figures than a conventional videoconference, was reinforced by the powerful intervention of Serge Betsen, rugby player of the French team.


Captation vidéo nexity


Atawa, the architects of your events

From tents and sets to lighting and sound, we master all nine key areas to offer our customers turnkey solutions. Trust us for a complete experience, from consulting to coordination and from installation to logistics.

Explore our services on our website and take a look at our achievements on Instagram. At Atawa, every event is a blank canvas on which we paint lasting memories, ready to make your experience unforgettable.

Write by Pauline - 1 January 2023

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