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Intimate Peace and Love birthday party

Intimate Peace and Love birthday party

Private reception for 45 guests in Scientrier

Today, let us transport you to the magical world of a private reception in Haute-Savoie. A 30th anniversary that took place on May 13, 2023, in Scientrier.

An intimate and memorable anniversary

Immerse yourself in the organization of this intimate celebration and let yourself be seduced by the made-to-measure marquee, the "Peace and Love" theme, the mix of materials and all the details designed to ensure that the bride and groom and their guests experienced an unforgettable moment.

A tailor-made structure for an intimate celebration

45 guests gathered in the small village of Scientrier for a private reception celebrating the end customer's 30th birthday. The guests invited to share this unique moment in life were seduced by the warm embrace offered by the imposing 200 m2 Bambou tent. For this event, every detail was meticulously thought out to create a welcoming atmosphere. Our team covered the marquee floor with an elegant beige carpet. The combination of this ephemeral architecture with these decorative elements created a harmonious and convivial whole, in perfect harmony with the theme of the celebration.


anniversaire thème peace and love


A birthday party with a "Peace and Love" theme

Our customers' wishes are golden, and when Marber Events, the event organizer, informed us of her customers' desire to organize a birthday party celebrating the spirit of "Peace and Love", we immediately became part of this vision, assisting her in the selection of the appropriate material. For her part, she designed a space bathed in terracotta, burgundy, beige and yellow, where matching balloons were carefully arranged, with multiple Peace and Love logos punctuating the decor with subtlety. Floral arrangements, presented in disco ball vases, added a fun and quirky touch. For total immersion in the theme, some of the guests enjoyed their meal comfortably seated on cushions featuring psychedelic motifs, transporting each guest into an authentic and captivating atmosphere.

Details that make all the difference

At ATAWA, we're perfectionists, and we know from experience that perfection is in the details. As soon as guests arrived on site, a floor path led them to the center of the tent. Here, the festive atmosphere was accentuated by delicately suspended garlands. Our teams also paid particular attention to guest comfort. We installed a discreet but effective heating system to ensure that everyone felt comfortable throughout the event. In keeping with the "Peace and Love" theme of the event, we also added two dry toilets.


anniversaire thème peace and love


Atawa, an event partner that lives up to your expectations

Our company in a nutshell

At Atawa, our expertise goes beyond event organization. We are event infrastructure specialists, always ready to turn your ideas into reality. Whether it's a wedding, an anniversary like the one we've just described, a product launch, a sporting event, a gala or a cocktail party, we're there for you, anywhere in France.

Our commitment to you

We offer you a turnkey solution in nine areas: tenting, furniture, flooring, decor, energy, sound, lighting and sanitary facilities. From consulting to logistics, we take charge of every stage to ensure total peace of mind for your event.


Crédits : Event planning: @marberevents ; Marquee: @atawaevent ; Photographe: @annegerzat ; Fleurs: @latulipenoire.artfloral ; Audio & Visio: @dorierofficial ; Photobooth: @partyloc.ch ; Gelato Cart: @iceroll_foodartco ; Catering & Drinks: @chezsami @lemixologiste ; Ballons: @festivfinds

Write by Pauline - 5 December 2023

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