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Live concert sound system

Live concert sound system Live concert sound system

Rental of sound equipment for live concerts

Renting sound equipment for a live music concert is essential to providing a quality experience for your audience. Whether it's an indoor, outdoor or festival concert, sound quality is one of the most important elements to ensure the success of your event.

Liven up your event with a unique live concert

Atawa offers two types of microphones for rent that are suitable for live music concerts. The voice microphones, as the name suggests, make the singers' voices audible. They are available wired or wireless, hand-held or in a lapel microphone format, depending on the concert and the freedom of movement that the artists want!

The instrument mics, on the other hand, make it possible to highlight all the instruments of the group, from the classic drum or guitar to the original saxophone or harp.

The choice of microphones is essential to ensure good sound reproduction and excellent intelligibility of the lyrics.

In order to spread the melody of the instruments throughout your space, it is necessary to amplify their sound. Thus, amplifiers allow to reinforce the sound of the instruments and to diffuse it through the speakers for a better sound quality.

Subwoofers are also essential for a live music concert. They allow to reproduce the low frequencies of the instruments and to offer a more immersive sound experience. The speakers must also be of high quality to provide clear and accurate sound reproduction. If your space is particularly large, booster speakers can be installed to ensure that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the venue.

For a unique live concert, Atawa recommends the installation of a custom-made stage combined with dynamic lighting. The artists will be highlighted, and the light shows created by the lyres, lasers and projectors will create a unique light show.