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Company seminar and nature teambulding

Organising an original seminar in nature

A company seminar with a change of scenery, to refocus on the essentials

Bring your team together in a natural setting to enjoy the benefits of calm and disconnection from everyday life.

Atawa will help you organise your seminar with the construction of your eco-responsible camp: living space and accommodation in teepees, lighting, sound system, energy and sanitary facilities...

This unusual teambulding is a unique opportunity to strengthen the cohesion of your team around strong and resourcing moments.

Define the theme of your seminar and we will imagine and design a camp that suits you. In order to adapt to your desires and your budget, we offer 3 types of camps: standard, comfort or luxury.


Séminaire offre standard


Séminaire offre confort


Séminaire offre premium

A global offer to facilitate the organisation of your seminar

Do you want to give your seminar a real meaning?

Discover the training programmes designed to suit your desires, your values and your objectives. These programmes are designed by our partner SIS UP, which helps companies rethink their organisation and engage their employees around the notion of social responsibility. Some examples of themes: 

Booster 1 - Team spirit and solidarity 
Re-motivate employees, enhance the diversity of the team in order to make the most of its potential; create a more collaborative, supportive team that is aware of its responsibilities.

Booster 2 - Managerial practices and balance dynamics 
Reflect collectively on new managerial practices (rethinking the organisation of teleworking, meetings, etc.) and the conditions for a fair balance between performance and well-being at work.

Booster 3 - Social mission and responsible innovation 
Collectively redefine the company's values and social mission. Unleash the team's entrepreneurial spirit, seek concrete solutions to social and environmental issues in line with the company's core business.


Looking for teambulding activities that are off the beaten track?

In connection with the SIS UP training, the Petite Vadrouille team designs tailor-made fun activities to allow your team to discover the local area, enjoy nature and do team sports... The programme will be written with you, according to your sector of activity, your values, the passions shared by your team, your main expectations... A few examples of activities :

Booster 1 - Objective Olympic 2024 and surpassing oneself, to strengthen the links between employees

To learn how to surpass yourself and bond your employees, taking into account the physical conditions of each person, compete, play and win as a team, like the world's greatest sportsmen and women... Dive into the bowels of the Earth by descending the most beautiful underground river in Europe, or cross a valley in the Ardennes at more than 120Km on a zip line.

Booster 2 - Discover the trades of yesteryear, in relation to your sector of activity

Discover the trades of yesteryear, at the origin of your profession, and discover the hidden treasures of history and heritage. If you work in the building and public works sector, meet a former lighthouse keeper for example and explore the mythical lighthouses of the Iroise Sea, these constructions which resist the biggest storms in Europe.

To know


3 camping offers according to your desires and your budget

Global offer

Installation of tipis, lighting, sound system, shower and sanitary facilities...


We can take care of finding a venue for your seminar in the Ile de France and anywhere in France

Training and teambulding

A training and teambulding programme to match your company's image

Further information


Tipis are made of a beige waterproof canvas mounted on wooden poles. The Tipis can be used with or without a floor (soft or hard surface). 


There are 3 different formulas depending on your needs: - Standard formula: A 20m² space with 4 to 6 beds in cots and one light per tent. - Comfort Package: A 20m² space with 4 traditional beds with mattresses and slats & fitted sheets. Also provided in the service: An outside carpet, an autonomous inside light, outside garlands, a rack and a dustbin.  - Luxury formula: A real hotel room in the heart of nature. A 20m² space including a night space (single or King size bed, sheets, duvets and pillows) as well as a lounge space (seats and table, bedside tables, unique decoration, a rack, interior and exterior carpets)


The canvas of the accommodation tepee is beige and waterproof. 


The Tipi can withstand 90 km/h of wind. Tipis are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.