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Bridge structure

  • Tailor-made
  • Top of the range
  • Innovative
Bridge structure Bridge structure

Rental of bridge structures

Composed of bridges of light associated together and anchored in the ground thanks to ballast plates, the Structure on Bridge offers multiple configurations of assembly and dressing. This high-end event structure brings an original and modern dimension to your professional and private events.

This structure is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. We are able to offer you different surfaces, heights and shapes in order to adjust the structure to your environment. You can also choose the covering according to your preferences and the weather.

To know


The covering of the structure on deck can be customised: heat-stretched crystal, veiling, lycra, etc.


The bridge structure has an aluminium frame


The structure is fixed to the bridge by staking or ballasting


The deck-mounted structure can be installed with or without a floor, depending on your wishes or the constraints of the land

Further information


The bridge structure is made up of aluminium bridges. These bridges can be covered with wooden formwork, in which case it is our wood deck structure product. It offers a variety of assembly and cladding configurations. It is also possible to combine different Bridge Structures together.


There is no standard size or shape, choose the size you want! The bridge structure can therefore be adapted to your environment and offers endless design possibilities. The frame is rarely more than 10/12 metres wide and 5 metres high.


The covering of the Structure sur Pont depends on your needs and desires. Choose a crystal canopy to enjoy your outdoor space while covered, a curtain or lycra canopy to protect you from the sun or leave the structure alone for your indoor events.


In addition to being able to be dressed in a whole range of different ways, the format of the Structure on Bridge offers the possibility of hanging a host of accessories high up according to the needs and/or the theme of the event. At random: garlands of lights in the guinguette style to recreate a starry sky; vegetation to give the impression of an abundant jungle; spotlights and lampshades in XXL format or even misters to cool the guests during the summer and auxiliary heaters to warm them up in the middle of winter.