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Bamboo marquee

  • Country
  • Natural
  • Original

Bamboo tent rental

The bamboo tent is an exceptional, prestigious and ecological product. It is mounted on bamboo poles and covered with white or champagne canvas. Original, it fits perfectly into the environment of your event. Installed by our teams of enthusiasts, it is ideal for giving a natural, country atmosphere to your ceremonies.

To know


The Bamboo marquee is made of white or champagne coloured fabric.


Possibility to roll up the curtains (paying option or to be done by you)


The poles of the bamboo tent are made of natural bamboo


The bamboo canopy is secured with guy wires


The bamboo tent can be installed with or without a floor, depending on your wishes or the constraints of the land

Further information


The Bamboo tent is made of white or champagne coloured fabric stretched over bamboo poles. It can be open on the sides or closed with crystal or opaque curtains (white or champagne). The bamboo marquee can therefore be heated and is suitable for events all year round. A power supply is possible by inserting a cable through the seams of the fabric at the time of assembly (every 5m).


The Bamboo marquee is modular and offers multiple design possibilities. Width: 10m or 15m Length: 5m spans Standard heights are: 7m20 in the centre and 2m50 on the sides. Dimensions of the platform in the middle of the masts: height = 3.60m - diameter = 70cm. The weight supported on the platform is approximately 50kg distributed.


The Bamboo marquee canvas is waterproof, UV-resistant, fireproof and fire-rated M2. The weight of our canvas is high, which makes it very resistant. In addition, the canvas provides excellent acoustics.


The curtains can be rolled up (for a fee or by yourself). The size of the bamboo threshold bars at the bottom of the curtain is 5.20m. The curtains can be clipped onto a rod.


The Bamboo marquee is made up of several anchor points. It is fixed by guy wires placed 2.50m from each foot. The guy wires can be replaced by braided ropes which accentuate the country side of the bamboo capital.


The Bamboo tent can withstand winds of up to 100km/h and 4cm of snow. Our tents are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.


We can provide an extract from the Safety Register of our bamboo tents. These are CTS approved by the relevant authorities.