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Nomadic Stretch Tent

  • Flexible
  • Nomade
  • Aesthetics

Stretch and nomad tent rental

The Stretch tent, also known as a nomad tent or Berber tent, is an aesthetically pleasing and flexible nomad-inspired product that adapts to any environment. It consists of a Stretch fabric stretched over eucalyptus or aluminium poles. This tent is open to the outside and is ideal for giving an elegant and cosy atmosphere to your events.

Would you like to enjoy the nomad tent in mid-season? Discover the crystal stretch tent: a stretch tent with crystal walls to protect from the weather.


To know

Stretch fabric

Stretch fabric is waterproof and stretchy, it is subject to high tension


The poles of the nomad tent are made of eucalyptus wood or aluminium


The Stretch tent is secured by staking it to the ground, ballasting it or connecting it to the front


The Stretch tent can be set up with or without a floor, depending on your wishes or the constraints of the terrain

Further information


The nomad tent is made of canvas stretched over eucalyptus or aluminium poles. It is a tent open to the outside. It offers multiple set-up configurations: the sides can be opened or folded down according to needs or weather conditions.


The tent is available in a variety of standard sizes and offers endless design possibilities by combining the tents with each other. Standard sizes: 6m x 6m | 6m x 9m | 6m x 12m | 7.5m x 10m | 10m x 10m | 10m x 12m | 10m x 15m | 10m x 20m | 12m x 25m | 15m x 25m | 20m x 15m | 21m x 25m | 21.7m x 21.7m octagon The height of the masts is adjustable. Standard heights are: 2 metres at the corners, 3 metres at the sides and 4 to 5 metres in the centre.


The Stretch tent fabric is waterproof, UV resistant, fireproof and M2 fire rated. The weight of our fabrics is high, which makes them very resistant. In addition, the fabric provides excellent acoustics. It is also possible to install surrounding walls. 


The Stretch Tent is made up of several anchor points and can be fixed by staking to the ground, by ballasting or by connecting to a building façade. The façade connection is made by installing a dowel with drilling. The environment of the installation site can also provide existing anchoring points (tree trunk, balustrade, bollard...)


The tent can withstand winds of up to 100km/h and 4cm of snow. Our tents are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.


We can provide an extract from the Safety Register of our Stretch tents. These are CTS approved by the relevant authorities.