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Rental of benches and stools

Rental of benches and stools Rental of benches and stools

Benches and stools for all your events

Atawa can help you rent benches and stools for all your events.

Benches are often chosen as an alternative to armchairs and sofas in a lounge area, or to chairs for a secular ceremony for example.

As far as stools are concerned, there are high and low stools. The high stools are ideal for use when renting high tables or tables for a cocktail party or business event. Low stools are very useful as a replacement for armchairs, taking up less space and bringing a friendly spirit to your cosy space.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the bench or stool model you had in mind. 

Benches and stools adapted to your needs and desires

Rental of benches for a secular ceremony

Our bohemian and natural oak bench is very often chosen by the bride and groom who wish to have a beautiful outdoor secular ceremony. Compared to Medaillon or Napoleon chairs for example, it gives a rural and friendly dimension to the ceremony. To break up the rustic side of the benches, and for a chic bucolic atmosphere, we invite you to assemble them with our range of romance furniture, with elegant and romantic curves. If, on the other hand, you wish to play the bohemian card, we suggest you accompany them with the rental of rattan furniture, with the sublime Emmanuelle chairs for example. For a little decorative touch, it is also possible to hire lady jeans in which you can install the trendy pampas leaves.

Hire of benches for a lounge area

Sofas are increasingly being replaced by benches to create a cosy and convivial space for an outdoor cocktail party. Although they are often less comfortable, they are less heavy and therefore easier to transport, and above all it is very easy to accessorise them with cushions. Moreover, our white pallet has a nice white seat which is the perfect compromise between a relaxed and comfortable seat.

1000 shades of stools

Low, high, wooden, coloured, vintage or elegant, the stool models are very varied! For a professional event, such as an exhibition, you can accompany your high tables with our black high stools or industrial stools. Simple, corporate but effective to welcome your customers and prospects with comfort. For a more sophisticated event, our green upholstered stool or the caramel velvet stool will bring a sophisticated and decorative touch to your event. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to be advised on the best furniture to choose according to your type of event and its atmosphere.

An infinite number of possibilities

Have you spotted a bench or stool on Pinterest or Instagram and would like the same model? Fill in an online brief, add a photo of your bench or stool as an attachment and our teams will do their best to find the model of your choice among our dozens of partners throughout France.