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Eco-responsible furniture

  • Ecological
  • Comfortable
  • Aesthetics
Eco-responsible furniture Eco-responsible furniture

Rental of eco-responsible furniture

Organise an event with a reduced ecological footprint thanks to our eco-responsible furniture.

What is eco-responsible furniture?

Atawa selects eco-friendly products that are suitable for your private, professional and public events.

3 approaches:

-Recycled furniture that allows for the recovery and use of used material

-Furniture made of OSB wood to give a second life to the raw material

-French manufacturing to encourage our local partners


Why hire eco-friendly furniture for your event?

Renting 100% eco-responsible furniture allows you to limit the ecological footprint of your event and consequently to reduce its environmental impact on the planet. This sustainable approach involves 
- Reducing waste
- Renting recycled products
- Renting products made in France
- Reducing Co2 emissions

With the help of this furniture, it is possible to say no to large quantities of waste. Indeed, some furniture is manufactured according to the stock of usable raw material: this is the case for Palette furniture. This makes it possible to limit offcuts and waste of wood.

This anti-waste approach is also possible thanks to OSB wood products. This material is made up of different layers of recycled wood strips, compressed and glued together.

Recycling is one of the major points of our eco-responsible concept. Some furniture is made from recycled materials, such as our canteen.

Finally, contributing to this approach by renting eco-designed furniture also means participating in favouring French manufacturing and the work of local partners. This proximity helps to reduce CO2 emissions.


How can you go further to make your event eco-responsible?

Our eco-responsible approach is suitable for any type of event: for a modern and design private reception, combine our Dreamer Armchair with our Bastia Coffee Table. This cosy space will create a convivial atmosphere.
At a corporate event, the space should be conducive to discussion. Atawa recommends the Saint Germain coffee table and the Uccle bench in OSB wood.

Respect the sustainable approach by completing your space with Atawa's natural floor, which will fit perfectly with the eco-responsible furniture. It will give a natural effect to your reception area.

Crown the decoration with a floral design to add a colourful, plant-based touch.

Wide choice of ecological furniture rental

Non-exhaustive list of our products:

Marble pedestal table rental - Jungle pouf rental - Flaneur banquette rental - Thinker sofa rental - Bastia coffee table rental - Yuna sofa rental - Canteen standing table rental - OSB wooden bar rental - ...