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Eco-responsible natural floor

Installation of a natural matting floor for your event

Bring an eco-responsible dimension to your event with Atawa's natural matting floor.


A floor that says no to waste:

Designed to reduce environmental impact, Atawa flooring takes care of the environment:
-An ecological composition: 100% recycled fibre, certified OEKO-TEX
-A high quality weave that allows it to be reused
-Easy transport for a reduced carbon impact
-Easy to clean: just water, nothing more.


No compromise on decoration:

Beyond the ecological dimension, its natural appearance perfects the decoration of spaces without weighing it down. With its neutral colour, it can be combined with many event themes. 
For a charming private reception, place the floor under a silhouette tent and invite your guests around Nature oak tables and crossback chairs. Play the 100% responsible card at your corporate event by combining the natural floor with Palette furniture.


The chameleon of your events:

Practical and modular, the natural matting floor adapts to your space. It is easy to unroll and adapts to the shape of any type of ground: hard ground, asphalt, gravel, sand and also on lawns. For an optimal result, we recommend laying the floor on plastic tiles.
Finally, the woven matting floor is suitable for all weather conditions: it absorbs rain and is resistant to sunlight. In case of heavy rain, we suggest laying the floor on plastic tiles to protect your guests.


A floor to be used without moderation:

The rolls can be aligned to create a path, joined together to cover the whole of your space, superimposed to perfectly fit the size of our structures, whatever their shape (Silhouette Tent, Nomad Stretch Tent, Bamboo Marquee, Reception Tent, Reception Yurt, Reception Tipi...).