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Summer sweetness

  • Romantic
  • Chic
  • Bohemia
Summer sweetness Summer sweetness

Structure, furniture and decoration package for a smooth reception

Wedding designed and imagined by Wedding planer : Unik day agency & Wedding designer : elle.imagine ; Photographer : Lili Renée

Discover our complete package for a summer wedding, including the structure, furniture, tableware and decoration. If, like us, you have a crush on this concept for your reception, select it by completing your brief, Atawa will take care of everything!

This pack for a romantic and bohemian reception includes :

- Structure: Crystal awning

- Furniture: Table with tablecloth, white square chair

- Tableware : Mix & match romantic and vintage tableware

- Lighting : Guinguette garland, hanging lanterns, vintage candlestick

- Plant decoration : Hanging lamp and plant centrepiece (optional)

From 72€ Taxe Inclued
Price per person calculated on the basis of 200 people excluding transport

The essentials of the romantic and bohemian wedding concept

Discover the bohemian and romantic wedding concept

Creating an idyllic space with an open and transparent structure

Similar to a classic reception tent, the Auvent is a structure that is completely open to the outside world, allowing you to take full advantage of the environment of your event. This tent can be adapted to a small private garden or to the large park of an estate. Its openness also offers the advantage of allowing air to circulate easily during summer events, while its roof provides protection from possible downpours. To transform it into an idyllic cocoon for a romantic reception theme, we suggest you accessorise it. Garlands of light, large golden lanterns and hanging plants are enough to create an enchanting bubble where your loved ones can gather. It is possible to create floral and plant hangers with natural or artificial plants. Don't know how to do it? Don't worry, Atawa will come up with fixing points for the structure.

Furnish the space with elegance and simplicity

A bohemian wedding is synonymous with a lively and warm reception. We therefore advise the bride and groom to set up large banquet tables. They are convivial and can accommodate 8 to 10 people. Choose beautiful tables in raw wood, or simpler tables covered with a chic and elegant white tablecloth. Around your tables, install white square chairs: their simplicity makes them our favourite for a bohemian theme. Leave them unfinished or cover them with a white tablecloth for added comfort. If you're worried about the cooler weather during the evening, you can add a few heated parasols near the tables to keep your guests warm.

What about sophisticated tableware?

The tableware plays an essential role in the decoration of a romantic wedding. Here, we propose a daring and chic mix of several elements that will impress your guests. Marble effect plates for modernity, golden cutlery for originality, champagne flutes and wine glasses with a golden border for elegance and finally blue water glasses for the bohemian touch. The combination of different styles of crockery contributes to the originality of the table and gives it charm and authenticity.

Enchanting atmosphere thanks to meticulous decoration

To give your reception a truly romantic and bohemian atmosphere, we offer bohemian decorations for hire. And what could be more romantic than an evening lit by candlelight? Combine hanging lanterns, vintage candle holders and glass candle holders to create an intimate atmosphere. A few extra strings of lights are enough to illuminate the dining area and allow guests to enjoy the evening. To add charm to the bohemian table decoration, we can install a plant table runner composed of eucalyptus ivy, ruscus... Embellish with a few seasonal flowers that match the colour scheme of the event: white and blue. In a nod to the bohemian plant centrepiece, the plant hangers attached to the structure are made up of the same plants.

Any other wishes?

Would you like more bohemian decorations or a different chair model? You want to extend the bohemian and romantic atmosphere for your cocktail party or secular ceremony? Contact us, we have a wide range of furniture and decoration to meet all your desires.