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Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth marquee rental

The Sailcloth Tent is an elegant and refined product. It is ideal to give a chic and bohemian touch to your private or public event due to its shape and canvas. Similar to a bamboo tent, the Sailcloth marquee canvas is elevated on wooden poles making it an exceptional product.


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A bedouin-inspired and elegant structure


The canvas of the silhouette tent is white or ivory. It is possible to add crystal or translucent curtains.


The poles of the sailcloth tent are made of wood: eucalyptus, bamboo, pine or spruce.


The sailcloth marquee is fixed with guy ropes.


The sailcloth marquee can be set up with or without a floor, depending on your wishes and the constraints of the terrain.

Technical data sheet


The Silhouette Tent consists of a white or ivory canvas stretched over central and peripheral wooden poles (eucalyptus, bamboo, pine or spruce). It can be opened on the sides or closed with crystal or translucent (white) curtains. The silhouette tent can therefore be heated and therefore suitable for events throughout the year.

Pennants (flags) can be added on request to each top of the sailcloth tent. These can be customized according to the theme and colours of your event.


There are many sizes of sailcloth tents ranging from 54m2 to 800m2. It can be round, square or oval. 

The standard heights are: 7m20 in the centre and 2m50 on the sides.


The silhouette tent canvas is waterproof, UV-resistant, fireproof and M2 rated. The weight of our canvases is important which makes them very resistant. In addition, the canvas provides excellent acoustics.


The silhouette tent consists of several anchoring points. It is fixed by guy ropes placed at 2.50m from each foot. The guy ropes can be replaced by braided ropes which accentuate the bohemian side of the silhouette tent.


The silhouette tent can withstand 80km/h wind and 4cm of snow. Our tents are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.


We can provide an excerpt from the Security Registry of our sailcloth tents. These are CTS approved by the competent authorities.

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