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Clear tent

Clear roof marquee

The clear span marquee is THE refined tent par excellence. Its transparent canvas allows the structure to blend into the landscape and be in harmony with the outside environment.

During the day, the clear tent lets in natural light and allows your guests to enjoy the setting of your event. At night, add coloured lighting and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere. 


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An elegant and aesthetic structure


The interlining of the clear span marquee is transparent


The structure of the clear tent is made of aluminium.


The clear roof marquee is usually fixed by staking or ballasting.


The transparent tent can be set up with or without a floor according to your wishes or the constraints of the terrain.

Technical data sheet


The Clear span marquee is made of a transparent interlining on an aluminium structure. It is accompanied by crystal gables and gable ends as well as a crystal roof. Its generally crystal curtains can be replaced by opaque or translucent curtains.

With no central pole, the Classic frame Tent allows your guests to take advantage of the entire floor area of the tent because its poles are only located on the surrounding area.

Finally, the Clear roof marquee can also be equipped with a metal-framed parquet floor. 


The Clear span marquee is modular and offers multiple design possibilities.

Standard widths: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m l there are other widths according to the needs. For simple assembly, the width of the tent can be up to 15m. Beyond this width, the intervention of a forklift truck is necessary to lift the trusses.

Length: 3m and 5m spans



The roof of the Clear Tent is transparent. It can be made of standard or premium material according to your preferences. The curtains and gable ends are usually crystal but you can replace them with white opaque or translucent gables and curtains.


Caution: In hot weather, the sun's rays penetrate the tent, causing a harmful greenhouse effect to your guests, flowers, caterers, etc.. We therefore recommend this tent in the evening, in the shade or in the cool season (maximum 24 degrees).


The canvas covering of the clear roof marquee is waterproof, fireproof and M2 fireproof. The weight of our canvases is important which makes them very resistant. In addition, the canvas provides excellent acoustics.


The Clear span marquee consists of several anchor points. It can be fixed in different ways:  

- Staking in the ground if the location permits it

- Self-ballasted floor

- Ballast pad (concrete, sand or water)



The transparent Tent withstands 100km/h of wind and 4 cm of snow. Our tents are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.


We can provide an extract from the Security Registry of our clear tents. These are CTS approved by the competent authorities.


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