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Wooded truss structure

Rental of structure on wooded bridge

This custom-made wooded structure adapts to all your events. Its wooden cladding will bring a natural atmosphere to your receptions. This prestigious product can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Choose the covering according to your desires and the weather!


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A chic and tailor-made structure


The canvas covering of the structure on a wooded deck can be personalised: hot stretched crystal, veil, Lycra shade sail.


The truss structure has an aluminium frame clad with wooden formwork.


The structure is fixed to the wood deck by staking or ballasting.


This structure can be installed with or without flooring according to your desires or the constraints of the terrain.

Technical data sheet


The wooded truss structure is composed of aluminium bridges clad with wooden formwork. It is also possible to add vegetation and lighting (e.g. garlands). As this structure is made to measure, it offers multiple assembly configurations. We adapt the width and length of the structure according to the location, your needs and your budget.


There is no standard size or shape, just choose the size you want! The wood deck structure can therefore adapt to your environment and offers infinite design possibilities.

The height of the structure on a wooded bridge is adjustable but cannot exceed 5 meters in height.


The covering of the structure on wooded deck is custom-made and depends on your desires and the weather. Choose a crystal canopy to enjoy your exterior while being covered, opt for a draping or a lycra canopy for a shaded area or leave the structure without a canopy for your indoor events.


You can add different options to this structure: transparent roof, transparent interlining, liner or fairy lights. 

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