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COVID deferral and cancellation insurance

COVID deferral and cancellation insurance


Atawa offers a postponement and cancellation insurance to make your private event a success in all serenity.


Following the new government measures, we know how difficult it can be to project you at such a late date in the organization of events. In order to allow you to pursue the realization of your projects with serenity, Atawa offers simple and flexible postponement and cancellation insurance. This insurance gives you the possibility to cancel or postpone your event up to 10 days before the start date. You can thus block the reservation of all the material necessary for your event, and have the possibility to cancel it easily. 


The Covid postponement and cancellation insurance, amounting to 5% of the total reservation, gives you access to the special conditions of postponement and cancellation detailed in the General Rental Terms and Conditions. The insurance is optional, it must be added at the time of the validation of your event. It is not possible to take it at a later date. 

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