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Wedding and reception planning

Atawa accompanies you in the organisation of your wedding or private reception
Wedding and reception planning

A wedding or a private reception is an event that is close to our hearts, sometimes even the event of a lifetime. The host wants to organise it with complete peace of mind and make it a unique, made-to-measure event that reflects their image.  Atawa was created to simplify the life of organisers and helps more than 300 private events to come to fruition each year, by fulfilling the most ambitious dreams!

Are you looking for a romantic wedding on a private estate in Burgundy, a country cocktail party on a wine estate in the Bordeaux region or a seated dinner with your feet up on the beach in Corsica?

Atawa has been organising weddings and private events for years and can meet all your requirements. From the location of the event to the power supply, our teams are there to assist you. Whether it's a wedding in a castle, a birthday party on a private estate or a bar mitzvah on a golf course, our team can help you with all your projects. 

Why choose Atawa for your wedding or private function?

Tailor-made AND turnkey event

Tailor-made AND turnkey event

A dedicated consultant is there to help you choose the event solution that best suits your needs (even at the last minute). In addition, thanks to a network of top-of-the-range partners, you will only have one contact with whom you can talk in complete peace of mind!
 Atawa adapts to its interlocutor

Atawa adapts to its interlocutor

Whether you are a private individual or a wedding planner, our teams will accompany you from the conception of your tailor-made project to its realisation and an Atawa coordinator will be present on the day of assembly!


Our expertise in our 12 trades allows us to accompany you for your wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or the simple desire to get together to celebrate!
Plurality of supply

Plurality of supply

From the classic party tent to the bamboo tent, from the pergola to the teepee for your guests, from the beige stretch tent to the geodesic dome, the choice is yours!
Excellent knowledge of the French territory

Excellent knowledge of the French territory

Our teams and partners are based throughout France. From Deauville to Nice, via Ile aux Moines and Lyon, our experience allows us to adapt to the specificities of each region.
Service in tune with the health context

Service in tune with the health context

In these times of health restrictions, we are here to help you by following the rules put in place by the government for private events such as distancing your guests.

A global turnkey offer

A local presence throughout France (and beyond!)

Our advice for the organisation of your wedding or private reception

Pay attention to the accessibility of the venue for assembly/disassembly

Paying attention to all the accesses for the entry and exit of trucks during the assembly and dismantling is very important. This can have a major impact on the timing of the set-up and therefore on the peace of mind during the installation of your event infrastructures. Atawa studies each project on a case-by-case basis and adapts to the constraints (of access, terrain or planning). Everything is possible, from handling to levelling a site with uneven ground, we are able to adapt to each site.

Choosing a tent adapted to the region and the terrain

We recommend that you choose your tent carefully according to the region in which your wedding or private function is taking place. You can consult our regional pages which will guide you in the choice of the tent for your event according to its usefulness and climate of the region. For a dinner party, we recommend a structure that can be closed depending on the region or time of year, such as a silhouette or crystal tent or a bamboo tent.

Anticipate the location of your various providers

Do not hesitate to list all the service providers who will be present before and during your event. It is important to draw up a plan so that they are not too far apart. For example, your catering area should be out of sight of your guests, but it would be a shame if it were too far from them and the food arrived cold! Similarly, don't neglect access to the toilets, which can sometimes interfere with the general flow of your reception. Atawa's global offer allows you to anticipate this kind of question during a wedding.

Choose an original tent or transform a classic tent with a new decoration

The tent can be completely dressed or decorated according to the desired atmosphere. A classic tent can be given a real makeover with floral arrangements and event decorations. Alternatively, you can decide to go all out with an already original tent. You can play around with the furniture and tableware to give your event an atmosphere. Atawa has a catalogue of furniture and tableware collections by theme, so don't hesitate to ask your consultant. Not all our products are available on our website!

Budgeting and planning for the unexpected

For a wedding or a private reception, it is essential to define a precise budget in order to know what is possible. As you will have understood, Atawa has a very complete and global offer, but we adapt it above all to your desires and your budget. We are also attentive to the priorities of each of our clients.

Have the assembly schedule in mind

When organising your private event, it is essential to keep the planning in mind. Set-up generally takes between one and two days, but it can take up to a week for large-scale projects (complexity of access, necessary upgrades, event decoration, etc.). A schedule also allows you to coordinate the work of your various service providers, especially when they are interdependent!

Book your venue and equipment in advance

A venue is usually booked a year or two in advance (especially after the health crisis and postponements of events) if you wish to get married at home, six to twelve months are enough to prepare the organisation of the wedding. We obviously recommend that you start as early as possible in order to have a wider choice of structures and original equipment. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the high season starts in mid-May and ends around 15 September, so the equipment is very much in demand during this period.

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