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A dedicated and available consultant will accompany you from the first contact through the key stages of the organization and realization of your event.

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1 . First contact

We invite you to complete an online briefing that will allow us to obtain global information about your event.
An advisor will contact you to discuss your project in more detail. If you wish, you can also call us, or send us a message by sms, whatsapp or messenger. Find all our means of communication on our contact page. 


2 . Qualification of the need

This step allows us to fully understand your needs, your desires and your budget in order to offer you the best possible solution, adapted to your expectations. If you don't have a precise idea, your advisor will accompany you by asking you the necessary questions to launch your project.

3 . Proposal

You will receive an initial personalised proposal as soon as possible. This proposal can contain several quotes if you wish to compare different types of tent or different budgets. The proposal includes visuals and an "options" page. If necessary, you can then request other versions of the proposal by talking to your advisor.

4 . Validation

If the proposal corresponds to your expectations, you will send the signed quotation by e-mail to your consultant. The signature of the quotation is an act of commitment and leads to the reservation of the equipment and logistics as well as the acceptance of the GTC. Marginal modifications are always possible.

5 . Technical visit

The technical visit is carried out by an Atawa coordinator as well as by our local operations manager. It allows us to validate the access to the implementation site and the state of the land. This location familiarizes us with the site and allows the smooth running of operations. It can be optional in certain specific cases.

6 . Adjustments

Between the signature of the quotation and up to 1 month before your event, adjustments are possible, subject to availability, on the number of square meters as well as on the quantities of furniture ordered.


For any additional request, do not hesitate to call your consultant to add options related to the organization of your event.



Our specialized teams will go to the site of your event 1 or 2 days before your event to deliver and set up your tent, set up the electricity, lights, flooring, sanitary facilities and any other options to which you may have agreed. Our tents are installed according to precise technical rules and by approved professionals. The furniture is also delivered to your home but it is your responsibility to set it up.


Our teams go to the site of your event 1 or 2 days after it to dismantle and recover all the equipment set up for your event (tent, furniture, floor, sanitary facilities, etc.).

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Make your request in less than a minute on our website or contact us directly, an advisor will always be there to answer you and direct you to the best solution for your event.

Find our customers' questions in our FAQ :

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fill in the key information for your event in less than a minute, an advisor will contact you as soon as possible.

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