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Sailcloth Wooden Marquee

  • Warm
  • Unique
  • Cosy

Sailcloth Wooden Tent hire

Choose the Sailcloth Wooden Marquee for your autumn and winter corporate parties and weddings.

Specially designed to welcome your guests during the winter season, the wooded silhouette tent consists of a classic silhouette tent, decorated with one, two, three or four wooden partitions according to your wishes. The wooden partitions give the tent a soft and warm atmosphere and allow for better insulation of the space.

To complete the style of the Sailcloth Wooden Marquee, choose modern or country style tables and chairs, decorated with a few rugs and candles.

To know


The fabric of the silhouette tent is white or ivory. Crystal or translucent curtains can be added.


The poles of the silhouette tent are made of wood: eucalyptus, bamboo, pine or spruce


The silhouette tent is secured with a guy rope


The silhouette tent can be set up with or without a floor, depending on your wishes and the constraints of the terrain.

Further information


The Silhouette Wooden Tent is made of a white or ivory canvas stretched over central and peripheral wooden poles (eucalyptus, bamboo, pine or spruce). It can be open on the sides or closed with wooden walls and covered with crystal or translucent curtains. The silhouette tent can be heated and is therefore suitable for events all year round. Flags can be added to each top of the silhouette tent on request. These can be customised to the theme and colours of your event.


There are many sizes of silhouette tents ranging from 54m2 to 800m2. They can be round, square or oval.  Standard heights are 7.20m in the centre and 2.50m on the sides. The wooden walls are installed by the linear metre.


The fabric of the silhouette tent is waterproof, UV-resistant, fireproof and classified M2. The weight of our fabrics is high, which makes them very resistant. The wooden partitions are covered with white or translucent curtains for better insulation.


The silhouette tent has several anchor points. It is attached by guy wires placed 2.50m from each foot. The guy ropes can be replaced by braided ropes which accentuate the bohemian side of the silhouette tent.


The silhouette tent can withstand 80km/h of wind and 4cm of snow. Our tents are installed by approved professionals according to precise technical rules.


We can provide an extract from the Safety Register of our silhouette tents. These are CTS approved by the relevant authorities.