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Wood-effect crystal marquee

  • warm
  • transparent
  • wood
Wood-effect crystal marquee Wood-effect crystal marquee

Rent a wood-effect crystal marquee

The wood-effect crystal marquee adds character to your event with its imitation wood cladding and its singular shape evoking the framework of an old building. With its wood-effect finish and canvas, this marquee will immerse your guests in a unique setting in perfect harmony with the environment of your reception.

Thanks to its unique printing process, this marquee with its wood-effect aluminum structure is ultra resistant. It is available in two idths : 6 meters and 10 meters and extensible by spans of 5 meters. When closed, it can be heated or cooled as desired. The wood-effect crystal marquee is also available in white canvas and open air.

Our decorating tip:
This wood-effect marquee goes perfectly well with woven lighting with suspensions and a plant covering that will bring a natural touch to your event. You can also choose a country furniture by associating crossback chairs with a natural oak table and add garlands guinguette to create a warm atmosphere to amaze your guests.

To know


The canvas of the crystal wood-effect tent is transparent, so-called "crystal". However, the wood-effect crystal marquee is also available with a white canvas and without canvas.


The frame of the marquee is made of aluminum with a wood-effect.


The fixation of the wood-effect crystal marquee is usually done by staking or ballasting.


The wood-effect crystal marquee can be installed with or without a floor, depending on your wishes and the constraints of the terrain.

Further information


The wood-effect crystal marquee is composed of a transparent fabric called crystal on an aluminum structure with a woody look. It can be installed with crystal curtains, opaque or translucent. The wood-effect crystal marquee has no central mast, its poles are only located on its surroundings, which allows your guests to enjoy the entire floor area. The wood-effect crystal marquee can also be equipped with a parquet floor on metal frame.


The wood-effect crystal marquee is modular and offers multiple design possibilities. The standard widths are 6 meters and 10 meters. The marquee can be extended by 5 meter spans (expandable to 30 meters). The height at the ridge is 3 meters or 3.8 meters depending on the model chosen.


The wood-effect crystal marquee has a transparent crystal roof that can be simple or hot stretched according to your needs. It is also available with white canvas and open roof. Please note: in case of strong heat, the sun rays penetrating the wood-effect crystal marquee can cause a greenhouse effect harmful to your guests, to the freshness of your flowers and vegetation etc. That's why we recommend that you choose this marquee in the evening, in the shade or in a cooler season (maximum 24 degrees). The canvas of the wood-effect crystal marquee is waterproof, fireproof and classified M2 fireproof. The weight of our canvas is important which makes it very resistant. In addition, the canvas provides excellent acoustics.


The wood-effect crystal marquee resists to 100km/h of wind and to a thickness of 4 centimeters of snow. Our marquees are installed by certified professionals according to precise technical rules.


The wood-effect crystal marquee is made of several anchoring points. It can be fixed by staking in the ground (if the place allows it), with a self-ballasted floor or by ballasting (concrete, sand or water).


We can provide an extract from the Safety Register of our wood-effect crystal marquees. These marquees are CTS approved by the competent authorities.