Thank you for trusting us with your event.

In order to guarantee you an event with complete peace of mind, ATAWA has taken out a specific insurance policy that covers damage to the rented equipment. You remain responsible for the equipment from delivery to pick-up. You therefore undertake to take all necessary care of the equipment under the conditions described in the General Rental Conditions, which you accept upon validation of the proposal. You are therefore responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment. In case of damage covered by the insurance policy, we charge a handling fee of 800 euros. In the event of damage not covered by the insurance policy, you remain liable for the full cost of replacement or repair of the equipment that we incur.


1) Insured equipment

The equipment listed below is insured under the insurance policy: Provision, rental, installation, repair and sale of audiovisual, light, sound and scenic equipment, heating, sanitary facilities, reception furniture, generator, decorations and all equipment related to the event. All consumable, disposable or perishable products are excluded from the insurance policy.

2) Scope of the guarantee 

The material is insured:

- During transport to your event location
- For the duration of your event. The equipment is guaranteed in all risks against material damage, destruction, theft with and without burglary, misappropriation and fraud, with the exception of the exclusions of guarantees specified below:

3) Warranty exclusions

The following damages are not covered by the warranty:

- Any intentional, fraudulent or reckless damage caused by you or any of the persons present at the event
- Indirect losses resulting from deprivation of enjoyment, unemployment, delay or market losses
- Loss or damage resulting from use not in accordance with the manufacturer's standards.
- Loss or damage resulting from the supplier, manufacturer or fitter's warranty under the law
- Damage due to normal or gradual wear and tear, deterioration or depreciation
- Loss or damage from smokers' burns
- All personal effects
- Bank notes, shares, bonds, coupons, securities and securities of any kind and more generally any financial security
- Arts and antiques
- Goods classified as dangerous by the conventions, laws or regulations in force
- Live animals, plants
- All land motor vehicles
- All air, floating or sea craft
- Mobile phones, personal music players, PDAs, PDAs, etc.
- The damage caused by the war
- Damage caused directly or indirectly by a nuclear reaction

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact your ATAWA advisor directly or call us on 01 40 50 19 42.