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Video capture and online broadcast of a yoga class



Faced with the health situation, gyms have had to adapt to offer sportsmen and women new ways to practice their yoga and other sports. Lululemon asked Atawa to help with the video recording and live broadcasting of the yoga session.

Adequate equipment for live broadcasting of a sporting event

Lululemon was committed to maintaining a connection with her community during the health crisis by offering online yoga classes. In order to keep a Zen and relaxing dimension, a whole video capture device was installed within the yoga studio itself. Sophisticated equipment was used for the recording: 3 cameras, several microphones, as well as amplifiers and baffles broadcasting Zen music during the session. In order to offer an optimal experience to the athletes, LED panels were also installed, highlighting the yoga teacher and the surrounding decoration of the studio. 

As the practice of yoga requires meditation and therefore concentration, everything has been done to immerse yoga adepts in a Zen atmosphere, and to make the most of their time away from their living room.


Atawa - Live streaming yoga class


A digital and interactive yoga session

In order to ensure a better quality of images and sound, the organizer and Atawa have agreed on a global support and on a series of tests beforehand to ensure that the streaming is perfect. In addition, a video control room composed of a computer, a control screen and a director was set up to guarantee the fluidity of the yoga session and to bring dynamism to it. Yogis, beginners or experienced, were thus able to follow live the postures performed by their teacher as well as the explanations given by the latter, thanks to the perfect quality of the image and sound system throughout the course.


Atawa - Online Sports Session     Atawa - Video capture of a yoga session paris


A broadcasting platform adapted to the course: streaming on zoom

The zoom streaming was very effective in captivating and especially seducing the participants. Indeed the athletes could interact with their teacher thanks to the live broadcast of the event on Zoom. If Lululemon chose to broadcast their yoga class on Zoom, it was also possible to broadcast it on platforms such as youtube or Instagram for example.

All these sessions of relaxation and concentration took place at the Yoga studio in Châtelet Paris on December 10th, 2020. The reactivity and professionalism were there. These Yoga classes were a success because they showed that nothing can stop the determination of a teacher and sportsmen ready to give everything for the practice of their favorite sport! With the help of professionals, everything becomes easy despite the health crisis.


Atawa - digital events and sports     Atawa - Digital Zoom Yoga Session


Guide to Teaching a Yoga Class Online

We have written a guide in order to accompany all professionals in the realization of a digital event. Several solutions exist whether you wish to organize an online sports session or a webinar on sports and well-being themes, depending on your budget, your target and your objective. We therefore advise you to refer to our guide for the realization of your online event.



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Written by Perrine - January 25, 2021

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